Various GPS-based Tracking Solutions for Businesses

By Abhishek Amin May 20, 2021, 6:45:34 PM , In Automation
Various GPS-based Tracking Solutions for Businesses

Over the last couple of years, the world has now become a connected platform where the standard of living has risen up. This is because of the ease of living as a result of innovations in almost all areas we come across.

This eye-in-the-sky technology is so good and so versatile that is changing the way enterprises manage logistics, monitoring, tracking, security, modes of transportation, globally.

With several technological advancements today, we see different gadgets that aid the livelihood of the human race. GPS, Global Positioning System, is one such technology that is ever-evolving. It was initiated in the 1980s for locating military appliances. However, today it is used to locate the accurate location of any asset, person, or vehicle.

Some Popular GPS-based Tracking Solutions

Fleet Tracking & Management Software

GPS technology helps in fetching various data that could foster other solutions for the modes of transportations and deliveries. The best examples are traffic analysis, advanced route optimization, faster deliveries, and so on. 

But how come it is possible to provide the best possible route without knowing the location of the vehicle? This results in lost time, excessive fuel costs, and damaging wear and tear. At this point, fleet tracking becomes a valuable tool in running your fleet. GPS is the core to develop and implement mobility solutions for transportation and logistics businesses.

Process Optimization

This GPS technology when integrated with various IoT sensors, Bluetooth, etc. can help to establish connectivity with your fleet. A custom fleet management software solution can help fleet management companies to track driving behavior along with the health diagnostics of the vehicle while they are on the run. With push notifications and alerts, you can self-diagnose the defects in your vehicles and take preventive actions to solve them. 

To determine the ETA (estimated time of arrival) would be easy by the use of GPS technology. This empowers the management team and the staff to make easy decisions and planning. The companies can have real-time route optimization for their shipments and deliveries enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Driving School Management System

Rash driving and the use of mobile phones are said to be the major cause of road accidents. To avoid such accidents, it is advised for the driving schools to implement a system, for monitoring the prompt progress of the students. GPS tracking solution for driving schools is a solution that allows you to manage your driving school more efficiently.

Efficient Scheduling And Monitoring

Calendar management for students’ sessions and resource/staff management are probably some of the most difficult areas of driving schools to manage daily/weekly basis. Driving school management solution allows users to monitor what time the instructors start, arrive, and leave each and every stop throughout the day. 

It also helps to understand the student’s progress by getting notified on parameters like idling, and speeding. The solution also optimizes driver routes, monitors fuel usage, job costing, and overtime to improve operational efficiency. Moreover, 

School Bus Management System

One of the major concerns for school authorities and parents today is the safety of students while commuting to school. School Bus Management solution is mainly used to ensure the parents with the safety and security of children by getting the real-time information of their child’s school vehicle. 

Ensuring Safety

By providing GPS tracking solutions enhanced school bus management, parents, school administrators, as well as the transport contracting agency, can get updated with the route and time schedules of the buses. This solution will ensure the parents about the pick and drop time of their kids. It is also beneficial to alert the parents and administration in case of a mishap.

Kids Tracking Solution

Every parent feels anxious and worries about their children from the moment the child steps out of the house. Technology can help parents ease their anxiousness by letting them keep track of their children’s whereabouts using Geofencing via GPS solution.

Effective Vigilance

With the help of geofencing, the parents are kept informed about the child’s location every time. They get notified with an alert on their device every time their kids wander out or get in the virtual fence.

The Key Takeaway of GPS Tracking Solution

Undoubtedly the most obvious advantage, real-time information on the location of your vehicles or kids or assets. The users can control the costs by reducing fuel usage, automating driver logs/timesheets, and better analyze the driving behavior.

Better Analysis

You can get useful insights into driver behavior, vehicle speeding, and idling. The implementation of the OBD-II device gives real-time alerts on parameters like harsh driving, over speed, breakdowns, or idling.

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