Why IndiaNIC is Preferred IoT Services & Solutions Providers Globally?

By Abhishek Amin May 26, 2021, 9:04:42 AM , In Automation
Why IndiaNIC is Preferred IoT Services & Solutions Providers Globally?

By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, IndiaNIC offers expert & strategic IoT consultation, design, development, and implementation for IoT applications. 

Our IoT solutions gather and deliver business-oriented information round the clock for advanced analytics. This helps our clients to perform enhanced monitoring and decision-making processes with ease and also reduces overall operational costs. 

Why IoT is “The Future” for Businesses?

Global businesses are transforming with the emergence of innovative solutions led by technologies like AI, ML & IoT. More businesses are taking advantage of such technologies to integrate them with web apps or mobile apps to enhance product quality and customer experience to become successful in terms of customer retention and revenue generation. However, there are a lot more benefits IoT solutions can help your business.

Advantages of IoT Applications & Solutions

  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Real-time data gathering & processing
  • Predictive Analysis for Advance Strategy
  • Efficient decision making
  • Smart Supply chain management
  • Optimized resource allocation
  • Better productivity
  • Reduced overall operational cost
  • Simplified business processes
  • Improved revenue generation

Custom IoT Solutions for Diverse Industries

IoT Solutions for Automotive

Leveraging Bluetooth-powered OBD-2 devices, GPS, Geofencing, and IoT technology, we develop and deliver custom automotive solutions based on the Connected Cars concept. It empowers businesses to fetch continuous real-time data about the vehicle, location, and other details. The IoT solution and ecosystem presents a perfect blend of onboard sensors, custom mobile apps, website applications, cloud storage, AI & ML in advanced solutions for data analysis. It helps in IoT applications and solutions like:

  • OBD-2 based Vehicle Diagnostic Solution
  • Remote Vehicle Monitoring
  • Driving Behavior Monitoring & Safety
  • Smart Fleet Management System
  • Predictive Vehicle Maintenance 
  • Smart Transportation & Logistics
  • School Bus Tracking

IoT Solutions for Smart Healthcare

IoT technology has proven to be a blessing for the healthcare industry. IndiaNIC’s IoT engineers provide bespoke and smart healthcare solutions using IoT and other technologies like custom iOS and Android app development, AR-VR, AI-ML, wearables, etc. All the smart healthcare solutions developed by Team IndiaNIC are HIPAA compliant.

  • Remote Patient Diagnostic Solutions
  • AI & ML Based X-ray/MRI/Sonography Diagnosis
  • Smart Hospital Solutions for Advanced Mobility
  • IoT for Health Insurance Companies
  • Custom Mobile Apps for Medical IoT Devices
  • Smart Inventory Management using RFID

IoT Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

IoT applications can be used to share information from machine to machine and humans, therefore providing ultimate transparency in real-time. This enhances the overall productivity and streamlines various business operations. Our IoT engineers develop efficient asset tracking, supply chain, and warehouse management along with delivery solutions.

  • Complete Factory Automation
  • Remote Monitoring & Quality Checks
  • Track Manufacturing Equipment with IoT Sensors
  • Smart Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Smart Warehouse Management System
  • Fleet Management Solutions
  • Custom Web and Mobile Apps for Analysis

IoT Solutions for Retail

Gain the business advantage in the retail industry by implementing the most advanced IoT solutions developed by us. IndiaNIC has been providing IT solutions for retail businesses since 1997. This vast experience can help your retail business to optimize supply chain management with best-in-class IoT applications and IoT solutions. Smart retail solutions developed by IoT innovators at IndiaNIC can guarantee an improved and optimum customer experience that will boost customer retention and loyalty.

  • Smart Retail Supply Chain Management
  • Smart Mirror for Virtual Try-on
  • Smart Shelves
  • Smart POS
  • Smart NFC based Payments
  • BLE based Proximity Marketing
  • Smart Delivery Management
  • Inventory & Warehouse Automation

IoT Solutions for Smart Energy Management

We help businesses save 30% on energy costs with our smart energy management solutions. With a mixture of IoT sensors, AI-ML technology, and Big Data, etc., businesses can get important insights on reducing energy consumption and increase overall energy efficiency. IoT solutions help businesses in waste source identification and reduce carbon footprints with improved predictive energy optimization.

  • Smart Meter Systems
  • Remote Energy Equipment Monitoring
  • Predictive Energy Optimization
  • Data Analytics

Smart Home Automation

We deliver ultimate in-home living and lifestyle experiences leveraging IoT technology applications in the real estate industry. Smart Home Automation solutions offered by us are proven, customer-centric, and completely bespoke given the various needs of our clients. We offer home automation solutions with Android and iOS app development to control and monitor switches, door contact, motion & light sensors, Smart thermostats, Indoor security cameras, smart locks, etc.

  • Measure & Control Home Environment with IoT Sensors
  • Manage Home Appliances with IoT based Mobile Apps
  • Run Custom & Personalized Schedules
  • Control Home Access with Full Security
  • Smart Energy Savings & Optimization 

IoT Services Offered by IndiaNIC

The IoT applications and solutions we offer are completely secure, dynamic, and scalable given the nature of industry/ business and its extensiveness. We have been pioneering IoT solutions to various industries categorized in startups, small and medium scale businesses, enterprises, and global brands.

We provide a complete range of IoT services, from hardware integration to custom IoT application development. You name it, we’ll do it.

Strategic IoT Consultation

Our IoT app consultants with years of industry experience will suggest the best possible IoT solutions based on your business idea. They will present a roadmap to take you through a journey for all the stages, from ideation, design, development, implementation, and post-launch support.

IoT Architecture Development

Our IoT app programmers and business experts work in collaboration with clients to gather the tiniest details to design a complete IoT solution architecture. This is to ensure a complete understanding of scattered but connected devices.

Custom IoT Solutions

IndiaNIC has been delivering excellence through successful web and mobile apps, we offer custom IoT solutions, since 1997. Be it an IoT product or a full-fledged IoT system, we guarantee 100% project delivery.

IoT App Development

Our certified IoT app developers and programmers will help you build tailor-made IoT apps with engaging user interfaces that can enhance user experiences. We design and develop IoT apps to be fully compatible with IoT hardware.

IoT Solution Testing

To help our customers get good value for money, we offer advanced quality IoT testing services. We test and overcome issues related to product and app security, performance, compatibility with hardware to deliver a flawless experience.

IoT App Support & Maintenance

Our responsibility does not end at the point of delivery. We have an expert IoT tech team that helps our clients after the launch of an app or a product at an affordable cost. This helps in the proper functioning of IoT solutions with upgrades.

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