Advertising Copywriting Tips

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Advertising Copywriting Tips

Advertising is largely considered as a $ with 80 cents design and 20 cents content. If you are envisioning your advertising campaigns with this belief, think again, it is a misconception. Content plays a vital role in advertising. Design is only half the equation of the advertising initiative. A strong content lays down the foundation and strengthens the possibility of engaging the targeted audience.

Advertising Copywriting

However, this is all said than done. Of course, copywriting for advertising can leave you pulling your hairs stranded and surrounded with cluster of words. Advertising copywriting is an art. Stringing together a cluster of words can only look like a cluster, if not done with craft, care and market research. Choosing defined topics and careful market research would align your mission with your business objectives.

So, here are some advertising copywriting tips that can guide businesses to accelerate their advertising campaigns and direct their marketing mix precisely towards the targeted audience.

Define the purpose

It is pivotal to define the angle of your copywriting. Is your task to come up with something unearthed on a topic that has been dissected from left, right and center? Is your task to spread awareness? Are you planning a branding campaign? Is your task to boost sales? If you have this information sorted out, you have the best content creating opportunity. On the basis of this defined advertising channel, you will likely have a better opportunity to promote communication in the market.

Know your audience

Before laying down the foundation of your content, know your audience. This can be achieved by extensive research that would help you to understand the consumer web surfing behavior, purchasing habits and their informational needs. Based on this research prepare a copy that strictly reflects the perception of your company.

Always remember that advertising without research is as dangerous as army officers ignoring decodes of enemy signals. Thus, creating an interactive copy is the key that speaks to your readers. The better you spend time on research and knowing your target audience the better you will be able to organize your ideas in agreement with the requirements of your customers.

Create captivating titles

As an advertising copywriter, your best chance to trigger the thought process of the consumer largely (80%) depends on the power of your title. It is essential that you hold a perfect balance between the keywords and search engine optimization. This approach is vital to a grab the attention, hold interest and compel action. Also, while writing you need to write for customers rather than the search engine.

Keep it simple and direct

In this fast paced marketing environment, consumers seek instant information. These days, we are inclined towards multitasking; as a result, you never know when consumers read your piece of content at the same time email, share or text your prize piece. Precisely for this purpose it is necessary to be crisp, concise and to the point. Moreover, precise writing eliminates the risk of miscommunication. Since consumers are the mainstay of your business, it is imperative that all the content representing your company is clear and to the point.

Strategize the use of keywords

There is no argument around the belief that keywords are vital when devising an effective content. However, keyword stuffing is not the answer. Search engines have defined some standards, which they look for while crawling pages. But, these standards are continuously revised and manipulated. As a result, there is no sure fire method to grab the attention of the search engine. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use keywords naturally rather than illogical and over use.

Use keywords in Meta data like, header tags, title tags, Meta descriptions and keyword tags. This will present a clear picture of your content to the search engines. Place the primary keyword in the title and the content. This would engage your target audience and justify your content relevancy.

Keep the readers engaged

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to be precise and to the point. Considering this marketing mix, it is essential that your content creates an impact, invokes action and develops further questions. This can be achieved by providing customers with relevant, fresh and well researched content on a consistent basis. Some ideas to glue consumers to your content are like giving a new angle to the saturated topic and including an element of surprise. At times, taking a firm stand on a controversial topic can also instigate conversation among the readers.

Create a sense of urgency

Engaging the customers backed by creating a sense of urgency can work very well for your advertisement copywriting. However, the sense of urgency must be authentic, and not a mess or clutter of disorganized words. You can use phrases like, “free delivery”, “offer till stocks last”, “limited time only”, this will help to create an immediate impact on the conversion rate.

Include calls to action

In the quest of acquiring consumers with quality content, businesses often fail to incorporate the call to action feature. This is where many businesses lose sales because of the absence of call to action. Call to action can be anything that bridge the gap between the company and customer. You can include a contact form, inquiry form, phone number or an email address. Having a call to action in place will surely stimulate and boost sales. Popular call to action phrases are “Call us today to get discount benefits”, “Get a free quote”, “Buy now and get reward points”, “Subscribe now for free tips”.

Provoke conversation among readers

Compelling the reader to initiate a conversation can increase the credibility of your advertisement content. Once you master the knack of doing the unusual with the usual stuff, there are chances that readers would automatically be drawn to your content. In order to invoke the thinking process of the reader, asking questions within the content and sharing personal experiences can translate more active readers and loyal followers.

Deliver a powerful closing

After touching upon the critical aspects of advertisement copywriting, it is important to save some of the vital information for the end of your content. Delivering a powerful closing is equally important as creating a compelling opening. Touch upon the important points of your products or services such as benefits, cost and features. This will leave a glimpse of your writing if not the entire word to word content on the consumer’s mind.

These are some of the fundamental and important tips for effective, compelling and thought provoking content. On successful implication of these tips, you are likely to experience higher sales, increased customer loyalty and better retention rates.

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