Content Tips for SEO in 2013 –Keeping Google Panda in Mind

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Content Tips for SEO in 2013 –Keeping Google Panda in Mind

Search Engine Optimization, though denied by many experts, will still be the matter of concern. The reason is simple –the content, no matter what, should be first crawled and indexed on top of SERPs before presenting to the real human readers. And failure to this won’t serve the purpose of having any product or service on the Internet. SEO strategy of 2013 for its content will be very specific and clear. The webmasters who follow black hat SEO practice will have to quit it and focus on Google’s guidelines for quality content.

Google Panda –the Kung Fu effects

Google Panda, to major extent, succeeded in defeating and punishing the mal-practitioners in Search Engine Optimization.  For this simple reason, the year of 2012 for SEO experts had brought a lot of ups and downs in their rankings. No matter what, the sure thing they learned is that that website must have quality content and when they do article and blog posting, the Google guidelines for webmasters must be followed.

Content and SEO Tips on Google Panda 2013

Content and SEO Tips on Google Panda 2013

Innumerable websites and blogs were punished as a result of Google Panda Update in the year 2012. And to overcome the penalty, webmasters really tried hard. A few succeeded and majority of them failed. If you don’t want this to happen with your new projects, you must keeping this experience in mind. The strategy and content tips for SEO in 2013 will be designed keeping Google Panda in mind. Here we come with no-nonsense SEO strategy of 2013 that includes tips for quality content writing and designing the websites.

How does Google Panda look at your content?

It’s simple. If you read the Google webmaster guidelines to develop quality content, it mentions it clearly. Also, Google Panda update (or whatever they name) in 2013 will be better if not same what they had in 2012. Thus, for the new year, we’ll keep this animal’s liking and disliking in mind!

Panda sees red easily when you…

  • Use duplicate content
  • Simply include geo-specific keywords but don’t narrate the actual difference
  • Overly dense content with keywords and phrases
  • Post as a ‘ghost provider’ from admin panel
  • Write something that people don’t like (increased bounce rate)
  • Don’t update blog regularly
  • Go for boilerplate content (including URL structure)
  • Keep multiple pages with almost same content and little variations in keywords
  • Submit articles on directories blindly
  • Purchase links or build unusual link

Panda smiles when you…

  • Write original content
  • Update your page regularly with user-centric content
  • Take an authorship of your content
  • Include multiple solutions to a common question (such as video tutorial, graphics and text)
  • Use proper density of keywords and phrases
  • Don’t stuff words just to make the article/post longer
  • Write an engaging content (decreased bounce rate)
  • Show alertness in newer technology and update your content with new stuff on the market
Don't let visitor sleep

Don’t let visitor sleep

The strategy of SEO in 2013 –content is not just boring texts

This is what many SEO guys fail to understand. In the year of 2013, the priority will be given to infographics (information presented in textual as well as graphical form). Google Panda update is mainly based on users’ liking. If they click your pages more and remain there for several minutes, the Panda ranks it higher. There is no surefire way to be Google #1 but try to practice ethically and make user involved in your content. The visit time and click-path is observed and your content is ranked accordingly.

Not just the text (article or post) will be considered in Google Panda SEO strategy 2013 but also the elements on the webpage will carry a weightage. The webpage should look attractive with easy navigation and user friendly design (UI).

Stuff you cannot ignore in 2013 for SEO

The year of 2012 brought great values in Search Engine Optimization and webmasters learned that videos and social media were two of killing materials in internet marketing. Carrying this further, Internet marketing strategy for 2013 focuses on making more viral videos and stuff the like. This will not only bring results quickly but we are likely to see the content ranking higher on SERP.

Adding an artificial intelligence to search engines, the masters have made them more human. The SEO practitioners who practiced just to fool search engine bots and din’ care about the humans will no longer enjoy the fruits and on the other hand, people who really share good thoughts, try to help others and address the problems specifically will leverage the benefit of SEO based on Google Panda update in 2013.

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