Creating SEO friendly URLs for Your Yahoo! Store and Its Benefits

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 7:05:42 AM , In Marketing

Having a yahoo store as an ecommerce site is surely a wise decision for doing business online. The kind of features and options for enhancement and customization it provides gives you a large scope during yahoo store design to produce a shopping cart that represents your own unique style and reflects what your business is all about. Although the basic template that Yahoo! gives is not of much use and the functions are also very limited, but there are possibilities to use its enhancement features to shape it up the way you want it.

But the thing that remains at the center of all of this is that it should be made SEO friendly so that the search engines can locate it and you can get higher ranks on the search results. Apart from the natural SEO tricks that you can include during the Yahoo! Store design process, there is one more thing that can make a huge difference; this is the URL of your site.

Why you need to optimize the URLs is because the basic URLs that Yahoo! generates for your product pages include, automatically, the first two words of the product name. But if the URLs has the main keywords that you are targeting then it can prove to be more beneficial in yahoo store seo terms. And including such URLs can really improve your search results. And the process of creating them is very simple, anyone can do it, even you can.

All you need to do is reach the Advanced Editor Mode in the Store Editor. Go to the ‘Content’ section, click on ‘Item’ and then enter the description of the item in your words. As soon as you click on the ‘continue’ button the SEO friendly URL gets generated, but at this point in time it has not been included anywhere in your Yahoo! Store design. To include this,   click ‘copy’ and then navigate to the section you would like to put it in. the just click the link to past it on the right section.

The importance of this is evident when you are looking to get listed high in the search engines. Always remember, that sometimes its not just how much traffic you get, but how much of gets converted is what matters.

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