Five Unarguable Points Showing Importance of Infographic

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 7:08:00 AM , In Marketing
Five Unarguable Points Showing Importance of Infographic

Today, companies are keen to strengthen their online presence through effective digital marketing. In order to reap all the benefits of such campaign, companies need efficient marketing tactics in content and social media arena.

Even if small companies cannot afford online marketing campaign at the initial level, their web content need to be search engine-friendly and attractive enough to draw people’s attention.

Infographic-A compelling need

As people are fed up with the overdose of information on the net, they want something interesting to digest with ease. They want web content in such a way that they can absorb in a quick manner on a daily basis. Such situation makes Infographic or a graphical representation of content a compelling need irrespective of companies’ size and business domain.

Following stats show the importance of Infographic in business:

  • On social platforms, picture-based posts have 600 times more engagement than text-based messages
  • These days, more than 85 percent learning is done on a visual basis
  • People can remember just 20 percent of what they read
  • More than 20 million search results on Google are for the term ‘infographics’

In addition, people tend to follow the instructions given after infographics. Infographic is an attractive and interactive tool that enables companies to attract and engage people on their websites.

Importance of Infographic for Companies:

  1. Removes complexities: A typical company report is both complex and comprehensive. People can’t grasp the company’s message from it. Infographic removes complexities from such report while making it interesting for the people. It is a known fact that data visualization can significantly improve the effectiveness of company reports.
  2. Makes content attractive: When the content is effectively designed by using infographics, it becomes more attractive, and companies can get higher interest. In addition, such content can significantly decrease the bounce rate and attract people to re-visit the websites.
  3. Facilitates SEO techniques: It can make content appealing. Such content can readily fetch more links. Eventually, it facilitates SEO techniques and enables companies to increase web traffic on their websites. In addition, people can readily scan and share infographics that give them more potential to become viral.
  4. Creates brand awareness: Graphical representation of products and services has a positive effect on people’s mind. Companies can also embed a picture of a product in their logo to create brand awareness. Also, existing customers can readily share such infographics on social media that spreads awareness for the brand.
  5. Reflects an image: Infographic gives an image of knowledgeable and tech-savvy persons to the entrepreneurs. Such marketing further enables companies to establish their brands in the market. Stunning infographics regarding surveys, business activities, performance, etc. can give the company an image of an established organization.

In conclusion, we can mention that Infographic offers a competitive edge to the companies. Blogs, websites, brochure, social media, etc. are some of the domains on which companies can effectively use infographics to get positive outcome.

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