Google Fortunetelling – An Innovative Way to Improve Refugees’ Future

By admin Sep 21, 2015, 2:02:02 PM , In Marketing
Google Fortunetelling – An Innovative Way to Improve Refugees’ Future

Humans are keen to know their future from hundreds and thousands of years. These days, as uncertainty looms larger than ever upon us, we simply cannot restrain ourselves from getting information about the future. Be it the Internet or astrologers, we try to find out every possible information about our future from any source we know. There, a tech company comes up with a Google Fortune Teller website. This Google Fortunetelling app is getting a huge interest from netizens, not for accurate prediction of the future, but for its way to draw an attention of people toward a global crisis.

Google Fortunetelling

Google Fortunetelling

Yes, Google Fortune Teller is not a future telling app, and it is not affiliated with Google directly. The makers of this innovative app have put “Google” logo to attract more and more people. This web app is made for Chrome and Edge platforms.

Get the same answer for every question

Here lies the trick! Whatever question you ask to this amazing app regarding your future, it will show you the same answer on pressing “Predict my future” button. This answer is short, hard-hitting, and simple: OF COURSE WE CAN’T PREDICT YOUR FUTURE!

Now, the question arises, if this is a fraud future-telling app then why numerous users are taking an interest in it? The answer is: Because this app draws our attention to the global crisis- The ongoing migrant crisis in Europe. Yes, as the number of refugees from Syria and nearby area is keeps on increasing, the European Union (EU) finds it more and more difficult to handle. It is not merely a question of providing shelter to these refugees, EU countries also need to assist all of them with food, water, health services, work, and more importantly, money.

Many tech companies including Google have come forward with an appeal for generous donation on the Internet for fulfilling basic requirements of refugees. As a part of this ongoing online campaign, one company has developed a fake ‘fortunetelling’ app and gave it the name-Google Fortunetelling to ask for a help from the global community. It not only spreads awareness regarding this issue but also encourages users to tell their friends about this campaign and donate to one of the charities.

Innovative initiative for improving refugees future

Google Fortunetelling app has a message for every user with an appeal to think about refugees’ future. In brief, it is fair to mention that it is an innovative approach of a tech company to spread awareness about the great migrant crisis and to secure the future of refugees.

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