Misconceptions About SEO That Can Prove Fatal

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 8:08:34 AM , In Marketing

SEO seemed like an alien word only till some time back. But with the increase in the volume of websites, the competition and the dire need to be on the higher rankings on search engines has suddenly sent Professional SEO Services and its importance sky-rocketing to the extent that now each one us know what it is and why it is important. But there are certain things that might be misconceived by the people in general and that might affect their overall ranking status on the web and may be even to the extent of their site getting banned.

But don’t get alarmed. The issue is not that grave and it can easily be taken care of with very little effort and some awareness. There is a general thinking trend amongst most of us that more the keywords, better the ranking. But it doesn’t work quite like that. The search engine crawlers and algorithms are getting smarter by the day and there are rigorous timely updates to the way they work. It is really difficult to determine at any given time what would be the best strategy, but generally the basics are the same. If you are too scared to learn and experiment, then there are always easier options like hiring Professional SEO Services, but doing it yourself has its own fun.

As far as keyword stuffing is concerned, the search engines smartly detect it. There are factors other than keywords that also play integral role in how the rankings are give. The relevance and quality of the content, the informational value of it, the back links and how often the content is updated and how fresh it is are to name a few. So if you thinking you will put in a lot many keywords and get away with good ranking, then think again, if you try to put in too much of those keywords, you might just get spoofed off as a spam. Content is King still holds the same value.

Relevance of the content and the back links you provide is another factor that needs to be cleared. Having a number of links to site that are not of any concern to the theme of your website will be of no use. The content that you post and the links that you put will have to have high relevance so that the search engines can locate you for the right search and display results that are more authentically linked to you and your products/services. The concept of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) re-enforces the relevance of the content.

Professional SEO services can certainly help you stay away from all these mistakes and let you get to the top of the search results, but having some knowledge about the subject never hurts. SEO is basically working smart rather than working hard. If you implement your strategy properly you can certainly have the desired results and these SEO service providers do exactly that.

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