Optimize Your Yahoo Store With Better SEO Features

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 8:46:10 AM , In Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Services can make a huge difference when it comes to scoring well with the search engines. To have a better visibility on the internet you would need to abide by the Search Engine Optimization rules so that they can bring your site up the ladder to the front page of the search engines. This might sound too very simple but in reality is not a piece of cake. It needs some strategically placed keywords, Meta tags, content, images and videos to create the right combination.

So to have a better ranking for your Yahoo Store you not only need a well designed site, but some of the enhancement features that can make things still better for you like Yahoo Store SEO. If you want to increase your sales, you would need more and more people to know about your store and to do that you would need a better visibility which can be powered by using some of the following features.

Expandable and Collapsible Menu:

This gives you a quick look at all the options provided in a list. The list of the categorize shrinks and expands to show various sub-categorize as and when the customer wishes to.

Customer and SEO Friendly Site Map:

A well-categorized site map not only makes customer navigation easier, it also assists the Search Engine spiders crawl all the major pages of your Yahoo Store helping them index your site better.

Alphabetically organized Left navigation:

This feature allows you to display alphabetically sorted products based on alphabetic selections at left navigation.

Front Page Custom Design:

Get a custom made home page built for your store so that you retain your own identity and stand in a league of your own. This feature allows you to customize your home page in the way you want it.

ALT Tags on Product Images:

ALT tags helps in enhancing the SEO features, these tags replace the default tags by Yahoo into the product description that you want to provide which are readable by search engine crawlers. This makes it more SEO friendly.

Meta Tags (Title, Keywords and Description)

Meta tags and description attached to them are hot favorites of search engines. Fresher your content is more likely it is for you to get higher ranking.

These might not be all, but they are good enough features that can be used to have a fully SEO friendly store. So if you want to have a successful business online then use these features to get greater visibility and reap all the benefits of Search Engine Optimization.

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