Quality Content Writing and Marketing for Your Website or Expertise

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Quality Content Writing and Marketing for Your Website or Expertise

Okay, the year is ending and soon you will see blogs and articles on topics like ‘Content marketing strategy of 2013’, ‘How to write quality content’, ‘Year 2013 tips for the success of content marketing’ and so on. Every time when the search engine giants come up with their algorithms, search engine optimization experts get their sleeves up and start working. Here, not to forget the fact that though there is no sure way to top the Google, the business of SEO still exists! Whatever, it is good to see, observe, and learn for the fun!

No matter what, all experts have concluded that the content should be a quality content. So here, we will start with how to write or create good quality content. Once you are clear on this, the further way is smooth and hassle free!

What is quality content?

What is quality content?

What is quality content? I remember Gene Fowler who said writing is an easy task; all you gotta do is sit gazing the blank space (or the monitor) until your forehead starts oozing the blood drops! Therefore, the first tip is here –creating quality content is thought provoking. I can sort this out in four steps mentioned below:-

Explore the World Wide Web

Explore the World Wide Web

Dig the Internet, do the research

The first step for better content writing is gathering the ideas. Steal them, sophistically! This fastens the process. There are zillions of ideas already published on the Internet (of course, it is the prime source of knowledge today). I am specific here to use the words ‘gather ideas’ and not copy them! Once you research and collect them and write on the note with the sources and references. You may think of a single topic and write multiple ideas about it that you will later select the best out of bests.

Make it yours, really yours!

You committed the sin. The stealing part is over and now it is time to atone it. The self-mortification starts with making the idea yours, really yours! Think something different and create the content based on that. For instance, you researched and found that the hot topic for this season is ‘Top Summer Holiday Destinations’ but to make your genuinely yours, you may stop thinking about the destinations and visualize what the users want extra out of it. Maybe, for this example the topic you come out is ‘5 Things to Avoid While Going on Summer Vacation’.

Be the reader and not writer

Look through readers' eyes

Look through readers’ eyes

Most of the content writers do commit a mistake though unknowingly is when they write, they write being a writer.

When it comes to a website content writing or writing on the Internet, your content is more for the users, the netizens. Write keeping the reader in mind. Quality content writing, especially for the websites, blogs, and article directories is justified when the users vote it with great remarks.

The best tip here I can suggest is looking out for the forums where people come with their pain, issue or a problem and seek for the solutions. Reading their questions, you get into their shoes and become a reader while writing!


That’s it! Follow these tips for content writing and you are out with great quality content ready for the Internet. Practice this from now on and you will see good difference in your posts. Moreover, for this post, it ends here for those who are the general readers.





For those who were all eyes and ears while reading this and realized that we mentioned only three tips and not four as said earlier, the fourth one is here! The fourth tip is actually for those who are alert and concerned about their writing. Imagine this –you have a great content on your website and nobody knows it! For all such cases, content marketing is equally essential.

Internet marketing is just to bring your piece of work (in terms of product, service or simply a post) to the maximum number of viewers.

Developing content marketing strategy

Okay, so now what is content marketing? Sorry! What is effective content marketing that can bring results in terms of real human visitors? Again, the answer lies on 31st line of this post!

Spreading your word -mingle millions and millions

Spreading your word -mingle millions and millions

There are some tools and topics you need to keep in mind while thinking of effective content marketing. To explore this further, you must try to learn the human minds on the internet first!

The whole game is of ‘search’. The user has the hunger, the hunger of information, product, knowledge, entertainment and so on. Mainly, you need to keep 7 no-nonsense stuff in mind…

  1. The search engines (the major contributor)
  2. The social media websites (a non-ignorable platform these years)
  3. Popular keywords or phrases
  4. Geo specific services (important especially for local providers)
  5. Forums (the public board where problems are solved, genuinely)
  6. How Tos (most of the people want to do things themselves)
  7. Current affairs or hot topics

The effective content marketing strategy includes as many topics mentioned above as possible. When your quality content is ready, identify where it can be viral and this may include just one or more than one of them.

Content marketing -it includes many things

Content marketing -it includes many things

Content marketing is not just an article or blog marketing!

We’ll get off the topic here. We’ll look now in a broader way. The fact is more than 50% of webmasters fail understanding that content marketing is not just blog, article or press release posting on hundreds of free directories! Let’s learn 10 basic content marketing tools…

  1. Article directories
  2. Blogs & social websites
  3. Books and eBooks
  4. Widgets and Plugins
  5. RSS feeds
  6. Newsletters and eMail updates
  7. Videos (currently in trend)
  8. Forums
  9. General Questions and Answers (public boards)
  10. Research & community pages

Each one of these carries a lot of weightage in spreading content and making it viral. While doing effective content marketing for your quality content, identify which one of above is best suitable and likely to be the most favorite among others.

Don’t keep it boring

Viral Internet marketing is the one that keeps on multiplying on the Internet in terms of real human visits. Boring texts don’t work anymore. You need to have an extra edge in the content that makes it likable by the readers. You must understand the human tendencies while doing Internet marketing. With your content, the readers do expect few other things…

  • Is it downloadable? Can they store on their desktop?
  • Is if offering any deal –festival deal or Internet?
  • Is it geo-specific? Easy to get within the territory?
  • Is it entertaining? (Most of the people on the web are bored of their real life!)
  • Is it worth sharing or telling to friends? (Sharing funny, entertaining or witty stuff builds their reputation in their circle)
  • Is it worth loving!!!
  • Is it worth re-re-revisiting?
  • Is it worth printing?
  • Is it worth relying? (I keep on giving Google’s great example –while writing the home remedies for cough, do you think that if you were the reader, you’d practice that remedy on your kid? If the answer is yes, go and post the post and if the answer is ‘no’ delete it!)
Language and Grammar -yes and no!

Language and Grammar -yes and no!

Is lenguage and gramer will mettar?

The answer is both yes and no! It is actually YES when you are targeting article directory websites that accept articles with no grammatical or syntax errors. In addition, precisely written articles and posts build an immediate trust of the reader and they may believe and follow the content. Therefore, this does matter when you are talking about blogs, articles and webpages; only blogs, articles, research/educational material and webpages.

It is actually NO if you are the expert and simply want to help or entertain people with your expertise!

A Chinese medicine practitioner advising you a Chinese herb that can fix your running nose in 10 minutes does not require grammar-error free language! There you see how the herb will work and alleviate the symptom. Again, remember –content marketing is NOT just posting articles and blogs. Let us not forget the roaring success of ‘Gangnam Style’ though most of the people could not understand its language!

I have seen the description of some games, widgets and plugins with awkward language but in terms of downloads, they just boomed. Another best example is forums where you find some good stuff and sure answers that have solved the questions without Shakespeare’s English!  So remember, if yor produkt or advise is suprimly exclent, a lenguaj part is secondry!!!

Content marketing strategy checklist

Content marketing strategy checklist

Content marketing strategy checklist

Since now you are thorough with how to write quality content for website or anything on Internet and make it likable by as many people as possible don’t forget to make a checklist.

Read and list all the tools and ways to market your content on web and before posting your service, product, advice, or expertise make sure that you followed everything mentioned in this, ethically!

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