Things To Avoid For Better SEO for Yahoo! Store

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 7:54:45 AM , In Marketing

Online business like the yahoo store is all about creating a liking for the search engines so that you keep ranking better on theme because unless you are visible on the web there is no point having a website at all. So you need to take care that you do not angry the search engine crawlers and keep them happy by giving them what they like and avoiding completely all those things that they don’t. But not everyone knows what are those things that should be avoided completely while doing your Yahoo! Store design.

So let me list down all of those forbidden points:

Hidden Text:

Hidden text is something that doesn’t go down search engines throat. So you should always avoid it. And if there are situations where you cannot avoid including in your Yahoo! Store Design, for whatever reason; use light grey color instead of white. Sometimes working smart works as well, you see.

Doorway Pages:

Never leave your doorway pages empty with just links to your Yahoo! Store pages. Prepare some content for those pages and then put those links that you find useful. This way you are not enraging the search engines and keeping up your Yahoo! Store website design intact. This is important for yahoo store seo.


Too Much Javascript and CSS text on the head tags could be one of the most important points to be avoided here. Instead of keeping all of it as it is, putting them into a file might be a better option. This way you can again avoid problem without having to disturb your overall design pattern.

Redirect to the Offer Page:

This is a big no, especially for Google. Totally avoid using Meta tags related or JavaScript redirecting to your Yahoo! Store. And this implies all the same for your landing page, doorway pages, homepages on the web hosting side of your merchant solution package too.

Less Content:

Too less a description of the product page can be a turn off.

All these steps might not have a big impact on search engines like Yahoo! or MSN, but Google will surely make a note of all these, and you can definitely not ignore Google.

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