Top Five SEO Tips for Effective Presence on Mobile Gadgets

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 9:29:31 AM , In Marketing
Top Five SEO Tips for Effective Presence on Mobile Gadgets

Mobile is the next web, and ignoring emergence of mobile technologies can significantly limit business growth. If your strategies are not aligned with market trends, your business will soon bite the dust. As a result, it is important to deploy mobile SEO practices those reach customers on every display. This will enable businesses to reach wider audiences and strengthen user engagement beyond conventional models. If you are planning SEO for mobile devices, consider these tips and see the difference.

Mobile SEO Tips

Mobile SEO Tips

Tip #1: User Experience – A foundation for mobile success

User experience is a strong reason for users to continue using apps or websites. It is the sole factor that can give you a competitive edge over competitors. Along with responsive features, sites ability to engage visitors determines the success of mobile website. Strong user engagement immediately reflects on rankings and site’s ability to generate conversions. As a result, it is important to strengthen website with clean and sophisticated user experience rather than blindly investing on traffic and rankings.

Tip #2: Mold website to fit mobile ecosystem

Develop dedicated mobile website or give existing website a responsive touch, all that matters is a clean representation of content. Since, the mobile traffic continues to surge ahead of desktop, it is important to deliver responsive content that fits diverse device and display parameters.

Tip #3: Accelerate loading time for mobile pages

In a research, it has been observed that Google reacts positively towards mobile sites that load within a second or two. However, the average mobile page load time is over 7 seconds. As a result, users immediately negate slow websites and never turn back. This implies that the page load time has a significant impact on the user preference and conversions. The ability of a website to load quickly and keep the user engaged with swift navigation is essential for good SEO and rankings.

Tip #4: Focus on usability rather over-designing pages

Mobile users have less tolerance level. They prefer websites that offer value for their time by answering queries within minimum clicks. Incorporate attractive design and represent content in an easily digestible format. Cleverly place big button and calls-to-action in the front to improve chances of conversion.

Tip #5: Interpret user behavior for successful strategy

After the inception of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, it has become vital to understand conversational search queries, voice search and user intent. A powerful SEO strategy is driven by requirements of the target audience, and it is important to understand that the mobile audience is different from desktop users. Mobile audiences prefer something that is near with high purchase intents. According to stats from Google, nearly 70% mobile users look for things those are within 5 miles and almost 55 percent make want to purchase within an hour. This can guide business to showcase their websites with relevant information upfront for quick communication and conversion.

These are the fundamental practices of mobile SEO that will bring laurels to businesses. But, it is important not to differentiate mobile and desktop SEO strategy as they are two sides of SEO strategy. Businesses that understand consumer behavior and delivers quality content will be placed higher on search results and in sales number.


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