Twitter without Internet Connection for Basic Striving Mobile Phones

By admin Dec 9, 2013, 3:19:59 PM , In Marketing
Twitter without Internet Connection for Basic Striving Mobile Phones

Now the Blue bird will chirp and poke your mobile device without any Internet connection. It’s true! Twitter has all plans to tie up with Singapore based company for making the 140 character service free for its mobile phone users. The microblogging site is reported to shake hands with Singapore based startup U2opia and is making big plans for its users. Reportedly, the big plan includes making its services available to users those who has no access to the Internet.


U2opia will launch a new service in March 2014 that will be based on Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) protocol to allow mobile phones to communicate service provider’s computer. U2opia has similar venture with Facebook and about 11 million people use the company’s Fonetwish mobile services. The Fonetwish services allow users to access Facebook information and Google Talk service without Internet connection.

Instead of connecting to the Internet, U2opia uses telecom protocol USSD that allow users without mobile Internet connection to dial a number and receive updates. The chief and co-founder of U2opia points that Twitter is perfect for USSD service as it is designed with character limit and is text-driven social networking platform. Fair enough, U2opia mobile service refrain from image and video services which is acceptable as Twitter is more textual.

Twitter’s user base could grow exponentially with this new venture of expanding the service. Getting maximum users on basic phone will not only help advertisers, but also microblogging site in building brand loyalty. This new project is for basic mobile phone users who can now access twitter without any Internet connection. And, when regions with weak Internet service improve their IT infrastructure and more users move to Smartphone, they’ll be ready to get more feature-rich experience.

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