What is Enterprise Gamification—is it Beneficial?

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What is Enterprise Gamification—is it Beneficial?

As enterprise mobility continues to flourish, entrepreneurs are curious to explore possibilities that augment critical business activities. Though, mobilizing enterprises largely depends on management and monitoring tools, there are other strategies that fuel the fire of success. And one of these strategies is Enterprise Gamification.

What is Gamification

What is Gamification

The concept of gamification may appear irrelevant in enterprises. You may debate on considering gamification as a critical ploy for the business. But, you may be surprised to know that many enterprises are employing Gamification as a powerful strategy to drive engagement across their internal and external business programs. In case you are skeptical about how useful it is in enterprises, here is what you need to know about gamification.

What is Enterprise Gamification?

Gamification for enterprises is the business strategy that applies game mechanics to non-game activities for driving improved change in the business behavior. Gamification is not a technology, but a process and strategy. It is the business strategy that defines what behavior of the company you are planning to change, why your company needs such a chance and how the game mechanics be applied to bring the change. It is the business process in that accomplishes the goals in the form of applications and software.

Gamification is all about engagement and creating fun in accomplishing business activities. It is just like the social applications and software that engage users and ultimately hold them for hours. According to market research 2013, more than 50% of businesses will have gamified business processes. It is not only the novel and innovative way of doing business, it has potential to revolutionize the enterprise and change the way people do business.

What are Game Mechanics for Enterprise Gamification?

The game mechanics for enterprise gamification are the tools that leverage your employee’s inherent desire for achievement, rewards and competition. It uses these desires to get the business tasks accomplished with more dedication and enthusiasm. These desires are the building blocks of Enterprise Gamification.

How will it enhance the Business Performance?

Gamification has the potential to greatly optimize the way employees are connected to and go about their work. If game mechanics is properly incorporated in work activities, it can reward employer with desired workforce behavior, creating more participate business process, tracking the team progress and establishing the feedback loops. And, this will reinforce and accelerate the business outcome, and enhance the productivity.

Because of the psychological tendency of humans to get engage in game-like behavior, implementing games mechanics is going to strengthen company’s resources. With gamification, your workforce will find the task to be fun, engaging and interesting. But in all this fun, it also assists businesses with aggregated data on the performance of each employee. This will help you in taking more transparent and fair decision when it comes to bonus, promotion and layoff.

How to Implement Enterprise Gamification?

How the enterprise gamification work is important and its leverages are understood since the start of Web 2.0 era. Crowdsourcing is one of the important elements of successful gamification that works in creating large group of players. Such players (employees) works for one desired objective pinned under the gaming architecture that improve the strength and rate of contribution.

Effective enterprise gamification requires the right selection of software. Depending on your enterprise need, you can develop your own customized software that will have game mechanics. The software should be such that it adds fun and engagement for the employees. In other words, if you want that your employee should work in best possible way, it should be designed for the way they actually work best. For example, you can develop CRM software for sales, general business applications for PMs, social media applications for internal communication, project management and data management system, etc, and can improve the activities.

Hence, businesses those are employing enterprise mobility have Gamification as a great opportunity to earn something of value. By designing applications and software that employ game mechanics, enterprises have chance to enhance employee’s engagement and business efficiency. So, implement it and get rewarded!

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