A Huge Win For The Ailing Brand – Blackberry Gets The Pentagon Approval

By admin Aug 9, 2013, 5:38:54 PM , In Events Updates
A Huge Win For The Ailing Brand – Blackberry Gets The Pentagon  Approval
Blackberry Gets The Pentagon Approval

In the midst of outrageous and intensive competition to govern the smartphone market, BlackBerry has been seriously lagging behind. However, recently BlackBerry blasted into glory by getting approval from pentagon. Pentagon has now officially announced the inclusion of BlackBerry 10 devices to carry the operations in the United States Department of defense. This indeed is the big win for the ailing brand. BES 10 (BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10) is the first ever mobile device management service that has been approved to run on the Pentagon’s network.

This approval from the Pentagon paves way for the BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 devices to run on this network. According to reports from BlackBerry, the Defense Information System Agency is developing a capacity to initially support 10,000 BB smartphones by this fall and almost 30,000 by the end of 2013.

This authority given to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 once again strengthens the visions of the company to show some resilience on the stage of fierce competition. The Senior Vice President of BlackBerry expressed his concerns on the growing threats of data abuse and promised of providing proven solutions to undermine these scenarios. With the growing attacks of hackers on the electronic communications and information systems, BB promises of providing the government agencies top-to-bottom security protocol solutions.

Receiving the ATO (Authority To Operate) is a vital step towards a secure certification process. The approval is a clear indication about BlackBerry’s capability to meet the most stringent of security requirements. They are capable of accommodating any needs that demand security at the highest regard. BB10 smartphones will enable the defense personnel from DoD (Department of Defense) to securely connect to networks and access the assets at work.

The BB infrastructure provides a sophisticated intelligent, intuitive and responsive mobile computing experience, which will ensure that the information is stored separately and securely. BlackBerry has huge expectations from this victory and may foresee a stalwart future on the competitive forefront.

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