A List of September Speculations—iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 or Something Else

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A List of September Speculations—iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 or Something Else

The moment there is a little of something out from technology giants, tech-geeks start exploring what exactly is in it for them. Especially, if that little of something is coming out from the mouth of Apple. The much speculated event of WWDC 2013 had laid the foundation of new series of Apple devices for iOS 7. The event surprised spectators with the new iteration of operating system, leaving them wonder about many new iOS 7 devices. The speculated event turned out to be an unwrapped celebratory affair for iOS lovers, giving birth to new event to wonder about the new iDevices.

Apple Event in September 2013

Apple Event in September 2013

The feeling is very amazing when you leave someone to a mystery ground. But, then the expectations and the created mystery must be justified with the outburst of impeccable results. Apple’s September 2013 event is on fire these days creating mystery and a list of speculations. So, what are we expecting from the event, which in itself is a rumor and not yet official?

An Entrance to Mid-Range Smartphone Market

Apple has already entered into the market of mid-range Smartphone by offering its year-old and two-year-old models foe $200 and $100 less than the new iPhone. There have been great talks that company will introduce a new lower-cost iPhone along with iPhone 5 updates. So, an entrance to mid-range is sure.

New iPhones and official release of iOS 7

We will probably seeing the iPhone 5S at September 2013 event, which by all reports would look a lot like the current iPhone 5. But, the new iteration may bag with improved processor, dual LED flash, better camera, fingerprint sensor technology acquired with AuthenTec and a new name.

Spectators can expect the release of an iPhone 5C, which is the rumored name of low-cost iPhone with plastic back and essentially iPhone 5 internals. Along with this we can expect the official release of iOS 7, which will run on many current iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices.

Updating the Next Version of Mac OS X

A formal launch of next Mac OS X version is expected from the event. The new version will be known as Mavericks and in the coming weeks will be unwrapped for users. This is just a rumor, whether or not it will be out, depends on Apple’s event September 2013.

Television and Watch Projects

Long been rumored for working on Smart watches and Televisions, Apple may unveil its either projects in the event. Though there is no indication either of those are close to debuting, it is clear that Apple is trying to land people on mystery ground to come up with something impeccable.

Consumers, investors and reportedly board of members have been pressurizing Apple to come up with more rapid pace of innovativeness. It is true that Apple is working on something of valuable, but this something is kept hidden from the world. Apple’s new offerings will be unveiled on Tuesday at the start of September. Till then, we can just expect what all can be included the list of September Speculations.

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