Apple announces LTE iPad with "Quad Core Graphics"

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Apple announces LTE iPad with "Quad Core Graphics"

New Apple iPadOn March 7, 2012, Apple debuted the world with the third generation of iPad tablet computer. This one includes the LTE connectivity along with Apple’s one of the most advanced technologies, Retina display and features the “quad-core graphics.”

The new iPad can access the LTE cellular networks of Verizon Wireless and AT&T, the two largest US operators in terms of connections. Sprint, which holds the third position in US, has yet to sign up for offering their service. The Wi-Fi-only versions of the tablet would be available too.
In order to support the high-definition Retina display, the third generation iPad uses Apple’s A5X processor along with the company’s so-called “quad-core graphics”. The graphics chip of the new iPad is said to be the quad-core version of the dual-core graphics that is present in iPad2. This is the power drive and the reason for the two-fold increased performance of the tablet.

The display of the new iPad consists of 3.1 million pixels which is four times the number of pixels seen on iPad2. The features that are similar to its predecessor are the 10 hour battery life and the 5 MP camera that is capable of recording HD videos at 1080p; an adittion to these features is the video image stabilization.

16th March, 2012, is the tentative date when this new masterpiece would hit the stores. However, the tablets would be available in either black or white and in selected markets only. The pricing starts at US$499, which is for the 16GB Wi-Fi-only versions. This rises up to US$829 for the 64GB LTE models. However, the customers can pre-order the latest iPad. Well, the good news is the price reduction of iPad2 which now has a starting price of US$399.

The latest iPad also indicates the advent of the iOS 5.1 update that includes Personal Hotspot technology. This technology enables the iPad users to share their network connection with five other devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. It even has voice dictation that can be used with third-party apps such as Facebook or Twitter.


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