Apple iPad vs Microsoft Surface: The War of the Tablets

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When Steve Jobs came with iPhone, he began a new era of smartphones. Soon after the advent of iPhone, there was an outburst of smartphones in the market, and every company tried to reach the landmark set by iPhone. After the smartphone, Steve Jobs came out with another remarkable device, iPad, the Magnum Opus of Apple. With this magnificent device, Apple became the pioneer of tablet computers. However, it soon gained lots of followers, and soon, the market flooded with tablet computers, and the war of the tablets began.

Apple iPad vs Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft

With the announcement of Microsoft’s Surface, the war of the tablets has now come to the surface. Tech gurus, tech giants, as well as gadget freaks, instantly started searching the features and almost every single thing they could lay their hands on. Comparisons began, and people started shooting reviews for the devices. The current scenario of the tablet ecosystem has grown large, and to speak the truth, the war has confused people. Tech companies are working in a smart way to grab its customers and are playing safe. Microsoft is out with two versions of Surface, the one named as simply Surface and the other one as Surface Pro.

With so many options at hand, some of them just want a clear-cur comparison between these tablets so that they can at least have some idea about what it is and what can they expect from these tablets. Most of the tech researchers predict that Microsoft’s Surface (both the versions) can stand as a strong contender for iPad. Well, only time can give the correct answer to this question. But, here, you can take a gander at the basic differences between Surface, Surface Pro and the new iPad.


Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface

Apple’s The New iPad


Intel i5

Nvidia Tegra 3

Apple A5X Dual Core


Windows 8 Pro

Windows RT

iOS 5

Weight (in pounds)





64GB, 128GB

32GB, 64GB

16GB, 32GB, 64GB

Size (in inches)

9.5 x 7.31 x 0.37

0.37 inches

0.53 inches


9.7 inches

10.6 inches

10.6 inches




2048 x 1536

The market of tablets is unpredictable. So, no one can actually give a final verdict on it. But, as for now, one thing can be said for sure, iPad has a firm grip on the tech market, and it would be a backbreaking task for any other tablet to uproot it from the number one position.

Users are familiar with Windows, and that may prove as a plus point for Surface. But, when we talk about tablet computers, it’s all about applications, and right now, the gorgeous iPad has got lots of applications. None can finalize the winner of this ever going war between the tablets but, as for now, the crown of the best tablet remains with iPad.

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