Apple Watch Coming ‘On Time’

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Apple Watch Coming ‘On Time’

Get ready to get an Apple Watch! In the latest San Francisco event, audience got a fresh look at an Apple watch, and an idea about its features and availability.

Loaded with features, Apple Watch has two variants- Basic with Stainless Steel case and Sport with Anodized Aluminum case. Apart from them, Apple has come up with the luxurious model with 18-karat gold case.


If we take a glimpse of features, Apple Watch is outstanding. From the appearance to the performance, Apple Watch is way better than its peers.

Quick summarization of the most used information, digital touch, integration with Siri and Apple Pay etc. some of the most useful and futuristic features of the little timekeeper!

Let’s look out some of them:

  • Integration with Apple Pay:It enables owners of an iPhone 5 or higher to buy clothes, food, and other goods with just an Apple Watch. It means that there is no need of iPhones or credit cards at the time of purchase if you have an Apple Watch.
  • Digital touch:Apple Watch users can send a digital poke and even their heart beats to friends with such a unique feature. Along with that, you can draw-and-share doodles more easily than other smartwatches.
  • Crown:Apple has not forgotten a traditional watch feature, the dial on the side, crown. Users prefer to use it as trying to scroll through swiping a finger on a tiny display creates hassles in terms of blocking so much space.
  • Phone-calls:With an Apple Watch, you can talk to your watch! Yes, if you’re okay with additional drainage of the Watch battery, you can actually talk through your watch and answering your phone calls. It’s time to become a secret agent, isn’t it?

The latest version iOS 8.2 supports Apple Watch like other family members- iPhones and Mac Books.

And finally, don’t worry about a battery! It lasts long for 18 hours; or about 90 checks of the wrist to deal with notifications, a 30-minute workout and 45 minutes of app usage.


Mid-range stainless steel edition will start from $549 and go up to $1099 in the US, and the limited edition watches price from $10K onward. For stylish and durable aluminum edition, people have to give $50 more, as their prices start from $599 and go above eleven hundred dollars.

Important Dates

And now, time to write about important dates that you should not miss:

April 10 is a date for pre-order and review for an Apple Watch.

April 24 is a date we have waited for a long time! Yes, Apple Watches are going on sale on 24th April in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, UK and the US.

Apple Watch- the first product line with Tim Cook as CEO

Cupertino crew has done extremely well in making Apple Watch a stunning reality! It is the first and major product line with Tim Cook after he took the chair.

Let’s wish that Apple Watch will also enjoy a grand success just like other Apple products.

Last Lines

That’s it. Just get ready to open a compatible hotel room lock, internet-connected garage door, and last but not the least, the doors of a lot of fun and activities through your ultimate fitness and health partner! Numerous apps designed especially for the amazing watch are waiting for you.

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