Apple’s First Wearable iWatch Set For October Launch

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 8:51:11 AM , In Events Updates
Apple’s First Wearable iWatch Set For October Launch

Apple’s first piece of wearable device iWatch will be revealed in October, and if rumors are to be believed, Apple is aiming to sell around three to five million of these smart watches every month.

The expectations from Apple ran high to unveil wearable devices since the launch of Samsung Galaxy Gear watches. Apple’s share took a small plunge in the wake of WWDS keynote last week where it disappointingly did not make any announcements for the launch of new Apple products. Instead, Apple focused on revealing new software updates for its current devices including a new app called HealthKit and a brand new programming language Swift.

The upcoming wearable is expected to be available in both men and women sizes and will be round. It will carry trademark look of Apple devices and will have slimmer surface to entice users. The watch will run on the version of Apple’s iOS that is found currently on the iPhone and iPad.

Specifications are still in the building stage; however, it is reported that Apple watch will be thinner, smarter and brighter than any other wearable technologies with curved OLED screen fitted in its watch. The watch will be a predominantly a health device that will be able to collect data about calorie consumption, blood oxygen levels, sleep activity, and also blood glucose levels. Uses will also be able to read messages sent from their smartphones.

As expected with Apple products, the industry is anticipating that iWatch will break the barrier that affects wearable from entering mainstream community by combining high-powered functionality with pleasing esthetics. It is strongly believed that Apple will create a niche in wearable tech space with the iWatch.

After getting disheartened with zero updates on new product launches in WWDC conference, this piece of news captivated Apple ardent fans who are waiting to lap up Apple’s next product.

However, these are all just speculations and no confirmations have still been received from Apple.

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