Apple's September Event: What will come out from magic hat?

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Apple's September Event: What will come out from magic hat?

The fall is here, and the Cupertino giant is all set to heat the air with the hottest gadgets. Both the fanboys and rivals like Samsung are equally waiting for the Apple products ranging from iPhones and watch to iPad and MacBook. As the rumors have started engulfing the September 7 event, here we make the list of people’s expectations from Apple on this mega happening.

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Any Apply event is synonymous with the launch of new iPhones and iOS, and September 7 event is also no exception! We expect the launch of the latest iPhone duo- iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It seems in line with the launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the last September event. Rumors state that the pre-orders for the next iPhone will start from September 9, and Apple will start a worldwide release on September 23. However, September 16 is also a probable date for releasing these phones.

Let’s look at the features of the upcoming duo:

The iPhone 7 is rumored to drop the 3.5 mm headphone jack while including a new capacitive Home Button in place of the traditional switch. In a way, the iPhone 7 will largely remain as an upgraded version of the iPhone 6s. However, we can’t rule out other innovative features in the duo as Apple may not like to break its tradition!

The iPhone 7 Pro, as some people say it, is also rumored to take part in the event with the same thickness of the iPhone 6s Plus and reportedly as that of the iPhone 7 Plus. The photo-friendly device is expected to come with the dual-camera on the rear and the Retina Flash or something similar to it.

IOS 10

Every new iPhone launched by Apple runs the latest iOS. The company claims that iOS 10 would be the biggest update to date, and will have at least ten major features. A HomeKit Home app, the lock screen, and changes to Siri and Photos app seem the most probable features of the iOS 10. The company has already previewed iOS 10 at the last WWDC event, and several beta versions of it have been released to give a better idea of the final software.

Is iPad Pro 2 on the way?

In the last September event, Apple launched the iPhone 6S duo and the first iPad Pro. We can expect the next version of iPad Pro in this event. However, a noted analyst is of the opinion that Apple will refresh an iPad lineup in 2017 with the launching of three new iPads. If it is so, then we may miss the iPad in September 7 event when Apple will focus only on the new iPhones.

MacBook Pro

People are expecting that Apple will come up with a new model of MacBook this autumn. MacBook update is due since May 2015; therefore, we can certainly expect the new MacBook Pro with OLED touch panel and a Touch ID sensor in the keyboard.

What about Apple Watch?

Right now, there have been no rumors for unveiling of a new version of Apple Watch in the upcoming September 7 event. But then, Apple may come up with the new version of watch as the company is known for the surprises!

That’s all we can expect from the grand event on September 7. In the conclusion, it is interesting to watch any event of the company known for innovative approach and seamlessly performing devices.

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