AppRookie pioneers the use of Bitcoins for SaaS services

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 10:09:54 AM , In Events Updates
AppRookie pioneers the use of Bitcoins for  SaaS services

In a move, to cash in on the growing Bitcoin bubble, UK based Start-up Mobihighway Ltd., announced that they would be accepting the digital currency as a payment option for services rendered on their self-build app platform, App Rookie Publisher.

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This is the first time that an IT Servicer provider in the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector will be accepting digital crypto-currency as payment. The decision would give Bitcoin holders, and Bitcoin merchants burgeoning world over, an opportunity to create apps billable in Bitcoins. It would also enable mobile app owners to integrate Bitcoin checkout methods to encourage payment in this form of currency. Taking things a step forward, the launch also offers attractive discounts exclusive to Bitcoin buyers.

The decision strategically places App Rookie ahead of others; as crypto-currency is taking on the markets just as mobility and mobile apps have swept the digital scenario. The Publisher itself is an extremely easy to use Self help app builder, which turns out highly functional apps that cater to small and medium sized businesses. With coding architecture covered and accounted for, the builder makes it very easy for users to develop applications quickly. App Rookie not only creates apps, it also builds mobile websites for businesses where the business owner simply has to add unique content and the necessary graphics to easy-to-use templates.

Though the launch comes at a time when the digital currency is highly volatile, Mobihighway hopes to add to the viability of the crypto-currency as a medium of exchange. As Nancy Court, Founder of Mobihighway puts it “We would like to add to the viability of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, and would like to see more retailers accepting it”. The currency is a cheaper alternative to making payments as they offer less or often zero processing fee. All that payment-gateways require is merchant account verification, and they convert the digital currency back into local currencies by daily direct deposit.

App Rookie is not the only one to pave the way for digital currency acceptance; Virgin Galactic and Baidu (the Chinese alternative to Google) have also started accepting it. However, certain developments on the Chinese financial arena have placed a ban on the currency, leading to Baidu going back on its initial decision to accept digital currency.

With Bitcoin touching in on the $700 range, and widespread speculation over its value, a lot remains yet to be decided on the matter. In the meanwhile, several merchant payment gateways have already opened up and are milking this volatile currency.

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