CES 2016- All Eyes are on Wearables and Virtual Reality Products

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CES 2016- All Eyes are on Wearables and Virtual Reality Products

Las Vegas is all set to arrange the biggest show of consumer electronics products- CES 2016. The most renowned trade show attracts many tech-savvy people along with major technology and electronics players across the world. Read on to know what the latest CES, which will start on January 6 and last until January 9, brings:

It’s all about wearables

As per the latest prediction, the global wearables market is going to ship about 111 million devices in the year 2016. Needless to say, wearables will take the center stage in this show. Biggies like Samsung, LG, FitBit, and Microsoft are going to show smarter wearables with innovative integrated software. A cool combination of technology and electronics would be shown by these tech companies in all their latest wearables useful for keeping track of workouts while worn as a fashion statement.

Don’t get surprised, if, at times, you cannot find the wearables as companies are trying to embed them in clothes. Even NFC is also embedded in the sleeve button to manage the NFC tag after wearing your Smart Suit. Tech giant Samsung is said to come up with a smart belt for monitoring exercise and eating habits.

VR to AR- CES has it all

When it comes to virtual reality (VR), people are eager to experience different VR platforms including OR (Oculus Rift), Hololens, and PlayStation VR. However, it is difficult to say that companies like Facebook and Microsoft will deliver the VR products as per customers’ expectations in this show as more sophisticated VR platforms are expected to roll out later in 2016.

VR cameras will also remain in the limelight in CES 2016, but people are more interested in watching the narrowing line between VR and AR (Augmented Reality) in the show.

That’s not all. Car and drone lovers will also have a glimpse of the latest driverless cars, electronic cars and highly efficient ‘hybrid’ drones. Hybrid drones allow users to select the flying method between helicopter and airplane. The icing on the cake is notable Hollywood, TV, and Sports celebrities will also participate in this star-studded show.

That’s it. Get ready to see the most innovative and intuitive products offered by the big names of the electronic world in CES 2016.

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