Everything You Want to Know about Google I/O 2016

By admin May 9, 2016, 6:13:20 PM , In Events Updates
Everything You Want to Know about Google I/O 2016

Google is all set to show a range of innovative products in different domains like Android, Chrome, VR, and the Cloud in the upcoming Google I/O developer conference. In an event similar to WWDC of Apple, which is going to start from May 18 and will last for three days, the tech giant Google will show A to Z of new products to the developers. Here is a glimpse of what we can expect from this year’s developer conference.

Android N

However, everything in the conference is focused on the developers, we can expect a full name and more features of the next major version- Android N. Probably, Google will also release guidelines for making stunning apps for the newer version. We cannot deny the arrival of some new toys for the developers to play with while they get SDK.

Home entertainment

Android TV is no longer a new term, and we can expect an announcement of some modifications as well as the inclusion of innovative features to enhance home entertainment. Google may come forward with some new features for the newly launched Chromecast Audio.


Google extensively focuses on automated car and robotics. Therefore, it is possible that robots will steal the show this time. Self-driving giant robots are expected to show by the search engine giant in this conference.


Google’s secret Project Tango may start bearing fruits this year, and we may witness some extraordinary VR devices in I/O 2016.

Cloud technology

Google Cloud Platform can surprise us by launching some new apps and services. GCP has many products and services in the fields of application hosting, cloud computing and database services. It is interesting to see what Google offers for its existing and potential clients.

It’s time to expect more from Google as the sky is the limit when it comes to offering new products for the tech giant. Let us wait till the two-hour keynote address starts on May 18.

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