Expectations Run High For The WWDC 2014

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Expectations Run High For The WWDC 2014

WWDC 2014 (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) will kick off on June 2 and will last for five days ending on June 6. Around 1,000 Apple engineers and 5,000 developers will attend the meet up in San Francisco, California. All eyes will be glued on CEO Tim Cooks as he will take on the stage, to address the keynote presentation.

WWDC has a long-standing history of stunning people with its breakthroughs in technology and unveiling new Apple products. WWDC has seen the best of Apple products being showcased for the first time to the world. In 2012, Apple revealed new models of the MacBook Air, MacBook and iOS 6.  The 2011 event saw the debut of both iOS 5 and MAC OS X. The 2013 event brought the iOS 7 and also OS X Maverics and not to forget the re-designed Mac Pro Desktop.

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This year is also no exception, and people have sky-high expectations from WWDC 2014.According to insider reports, this year’s event will be more focused on software breakthroughs rather than unveiling new Apple products.  However, among the many launches, one thing is sure that this year’s keynote won’t witness the launch of the next-generation iPhone, which is expected to release in the early fall or late summer.

What can you expect from Apple at WWDC 2014?

WWDC 2014 is going to be all about the future of iOS 8 and OS X. There are no shortage of alleged rumors and speculations taking the round about what to expect next. Here are the probable expected breakthroughs that we can expect from this year’s conference:

iOS 8:

iOS 8 is going to be the star of this year’s conference, however, people are not expecting a total visual overhaul like iO7 but instead, but are banking big on a new health and fitness app HealthBook. The new app will apparently collect data on everything from heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, sleep, blood pressure, weight loss and much more. However, the phone might need new hardware such as sensors or perhaps a watch to support the collection of data.

SiRi also might get a new look with the anticipated partnership with Shazam that will help users to listen to the song by directly asking Siri.

The new OS is expected to give an overhaul to Apple Maps since nothing has been much said since 2012’s apology.  A major update is expected that might bring Apple maps more reliability.


The Mac’s operation system might be all set to receive a significant design overhaul. The new version shall be in tune with iO7’s overall theme and sleek looks. As an increasing number of apps are found common between the two apps, it seems the next best logical step to follow. It is rumored that OS X may even follow the exact footsteps of iOS 7 with iOS iconic toggle design, defined icons and sharper window corners.

Apple smart homes

Apple can lead this generation to a brand new lifestyle with their ambitious automated smart homes. The system can work seamlessly with the iPhone whereby it will allow unlocking the door, turning on the lights or letting adjusting the radio.


Apple has been hiring health experts that have fueled the expectation of an iWatch that won’t just be telling time or giving notifications, but will carefully track and measure the health data.


Even though, Apple has purchased Beats successfully, there are many doubts surfacing as to how exactly Apple is going to incorporate Beats in its ecosystem. May be the conference will shed more light on the answers.

Split-Screen iPad:

The new update in iOS 7 might agree to include split-screen apps on the iPads that could change the way we operate our apps. The apps will run side by side, making the experience user-friendly and allowing some quick multi-tasks.

No show

Though there are many rumors surfacing about the Apple TV, but the latest report suggests that we are still not ready to see the Apple TV. The release date of the much touted Apple TV is still not clear. Even the high-resolution retina display is not coming anytime soon on the MacBook  Air.  Reports suggest that Apple is not in any hurry to release the updated Mac Air, but it can be expected to release by the end of the year.

The above can be some of the intriguing moments that might make in this year’s WWDC 2014. Catch us here to know more about the event.

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