Flight Locator: IndiaNIC’s Second Mark on Windows 8 Platform

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 12:44:28 PM , In Events Updates
Flight Locator: IndiaNIC’s Second Mark on Windows 8 Platform

This is IndiaNIC’s second app on Windows platform, which is listed among the top 10 category of free travel application with a rating of 3.5 .Flight Locator is the free Windows application, which is designed to aid passengers with real time flight status information, all on their hands with just few finger-taps. Passengers just have to enter the flight number and have to tap the locate button once.

Just on a single click, a passenger can get an accurate on-time, cancelled and departure time information provided, user should add a valid flight number. Along with multiple flight segmentation, this app offers the boarding, destination and gate information. Moreover, a user can get real-time flight position in a route for the airport. IndiaNIC’s developers have again shown an example for their well-worked out come on Windows 8 platform. This clearly signifies their expertise and proficiency in building such innovative applications.

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