Generous People, Benevolent Work –IndiaNIC distributes blankets to the poorer in the streets of Hyderabad

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Young and enthusiastic IT professional of IndiaNIC, Hyderabad office took a step for the initiation of humanitarian work. It was a keen observation and the goodwill of IndiaNIC professionals for the sake of poor people. This event was covered and published in the Eenadu News Paper on May 2, 2012

Life is tightly scheduled, and merely there are people who think of others without any gains. It sounds great and even feels great while we come across such helpful deeds. People involved or initiated such activity apart from their profession are self-motivated. We always find ourselves short of words when it comes to describe such event.

While others were busy in running straight from office to home- rushing hard to meet girlfriends, and had some commitment to reach on allotted time, employees from IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd, Hyderabad generously donated blankets to the needy ones living on the roadside, which we call foothpath.

Initiation was carried out by more than two dozen employees of IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd. in various areas of the city. They distributed blankets to the poor people and witnessed sparkling smiles on their faces. The organizers of the event told that they got an immense pleasure in doing this sort of activities and helping the poor.

Words from Hyderabad Colleagues:

“It was very successful with the participation of all the employees in the process of distribution, where we spread among ourselves the areas to cover and finally achieved our target.”

“It gave us a lot of pleasure in doing this activity and filled our hearts with lot of joy and upon all we were proud that we have done something good for society.”

Full marks to all those who have started this initiation for the sake of old, poor people and also opened the minds of thousands other to think about the poor ones.

Folks we are impressed and motivated too!

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