Google Glass Threatened – Lebanese Entrepreneurs introduce Lightweight 3D Glass

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Google Glass Threatened – Lebanese Entrepreneurs introduce Lightweight 3D Glass

If you ever wondered whether the Google Glass wearers looked weird while staring into space, then wait until you see the newly released Atheer One users waving their hands through the air while walking down the sidewalk. Two Lebanese entrepreneurs had recently released a pair of wearable glasses. These glasses can display augmented reality in three dimensions, as opposed to two of Google Glass.

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This breakthrough technology has been developed by Soulaiman Itani and Allen Yang at Atheer Labs in Mountain View. The glasses bring fantasies to life, enabling wearers to conduct conference calls while browsing the internet, exercise with virtual targets, and play 3D games, with the help of an advanced algorithm and hand sensors.

The price wouldn’t even burn your pocket, as the device is available for just $350 on Indiegogo. The kit comes with glasses that weigh75 grams and a pocket-sized computer to power the applications. The glasses have 1024×768-pixel displays, with twin high-definition, and a 36-degree field of view, as opposed to Google’s 12 degree frame in the corner of one’s view.

With a lightweight design, this device integrates with Android in such a way that it runs any and all Android applications. While Google’s SDK allows its developers to build applications for Google Glass, Atheer allows the existing Android applications to work within its platform. This can be done without any further complications.

The only drawback is that Atheer’s glasses have to be physically attached to an Android smartphone in order to function. However, Itani confirmed that this is because the batteries would make it too heavy. But, the lower price of the device and Atheer’s compatibility with the Android platform could provide a lower barrier for those who are taking the initial step into the 3D virtual world.

So will Atheer be able to compete with Google Glass? Itani says “We have a very different approach, but our competitor is not the current version of the application. We believe that this is the future, and we are preparing for that competition.”

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