Google I/O Conference 2015- What’s there for Developers

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Google I/O Conference 2015- What’s there for Developers

Last week the search engine giant Google held an I/O conference for developers. Android M was at center stage along with many user-friendly developments and modifications. But, apart from users, Google has also taken care of developers by introducing a lot of developer-friendly features in the conference. Some extraordinary stuff might have missed by you in the midst of other glorious announcements; therefore, we focus them in this blog.

Awesome Brillo

In the year 2014, the tech giant Google acquired Nest, a thermostat maker, and since then, Google worked on using smart thermostats and its ecosystem devices for internet of thing (or everything!) concept. An answer coming out of such efforts is Project Brillo. It is a new Android-driven platform or an OS that enables you to build connected devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) concept using communication system Weave. It’s a first step toward home automation or smart home management, and you can make a move with it.

Awesome Brillo

Other good things are Brillo is scalable for all Android devices, and Weave is a cross-platform language. Brillo is going to available from third quarter while Weave will be available from the fourth quarter.

Developers, get ready to unite all connected Android devices that work seamlessly with each other and, of course, with a smartphone.

Chrome Tabs

Google has also announced Chrome Custom Tabs that allow you to add customized features. Such tabs overlay on the top of apps and enable users to get use of such features. With it, Google offers a new app linking feature that facilitates apps to verify links while switching from one app to other.

Handling of Issues- A Google Way

Google has taken on the issues that create hurdles in your way. Issues like tricky finer points for design, tricky IDE, and testing of apps are successfully solved by Google in this I/O. Let’s know about them in one after another method:

  • To eliminate design hurdles, Google has come up with a new Android Design Support Library. It offers some tools for hassle-free integration without codes. Navigation drawer view, floating labels, snackbar, etc. widgets and methods make development way easy, and you can significantly reduce the development time while creating attractive apps.
  • IDE is now improved and is known as Android Studio. It has a new Gradle plugin for quicker development. It also offers better use of PNG files and a better aapt tool to facilitate app development. But the most acclaimed part of Android Studio is free and direct C/C++ support. It is indeed a developer-friendly move that allows a close integration between Java and C/C++ code.
  • Google is going to launch Cloud Test Lab to automate app testing across twenty Android devices and get crash reports. You can also test Play Store listing to find out the most compatible graphics or copy of their apps.

Google Way

Also, Google has introduced Android Studio 1.3 preview and Polymer 1.0. You can access various SDKs via Cocoapods. New AdMob tools will help you know about the place from where the most valuable users come.

In brief, Google has all set to make Android app developers happier to give better app experience to users in I/O 2015 conference.

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