Google Maps undergoes a Major Revamp

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Google Maps undergoes a Major Revamp

Once again Google is all set to astound its users with major changes implemented on the Google Maps. The overhaul has made the virtual map an indispensable interactive mapping solution. Though still on training wheels the new Maps have several features and updates that make navigation very interesting and enjoyable.

Latest Google maps updates

Latest Google maps updates

In Google’s own words “The things you love about Google Earth are now directly integrated into the map, so you can see the planet without a plug-in*. Or a passport ”
The updated Maps are featured to bring the crystal clear imagery of Google Earth through ‘earth tours’, where auto-generated 3D-tours are integrated within Google Maps.
Besides, the 3D tours, it also shows traffic data and street view on its desktop versions alongside the existing mobile ones. Having acquired Waze earlier this year, Google has now implemented its features like traffic data, construction areas and road closures on Maps.
Another feature that the Updates map has improved upon is the Street View. Previously, the Street View was hidden, and the user had to click on a road to bring it up. Now all they have to do is drag and drop the little yellow Pegman onto the road to see it. The Street View is quite similar to the classic version that Google sported with blue dots indicated user submitted images and yellow dots showing indoor images of various buildings on the map. Also, it is now possible to get step-by-step directions to destinations. The direction cards have been updated to show every stop on the route using the imagery, giving users a complete preview. These features definitely add value to Google Maps being an indispensable mapping solution.

Latest Google Maps - Direction previews

Latest Google Maps – Direction previews

Its virtual mascot the Pegman has also been given a makeover and can now be found at the bottom right corner of the page. Google has also gone all out to make some buzz on the updates on Google+. It has given Pegman some interesting outfits – “Pegman’s ready for his next big adventure, but what should he wear? Reply w/#PegmanLive & he’ll share his favs!” Google has also put-together a video showing the various versions and creative iterations for Pegman which it would be releasing soon.

The updated Google Maps have begun rolling out on Wednesday; however, it might take a little longer for some users to get their hands on it.

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