Google to Enter eCommerce: Will the eCommerce War Get Fierce?

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Google to Enter eCommerce: Will the eCommerce War Get Fierce?

Till now, Amazon and eBay had the glory and the privilege to be called as eCommerce giants. But right now, both the giants have every reason to worry about losing their shared monopolies as Tech Crunch has broken the news that after six month of rumors, Google is now, finally, preparing to launch its same-day-delivery service, which would be known as Google Shopping Express. 

Google to enter eCommerce market

Google to enter eCommerce market

The details from the sources reveal that Google’s shopping search could tell about the availability of a product in the stock of the nearby stores. Further, it also has startups like Bufferfox and Channel Intelligence, which would be used to prep up via team expansion and commerce offerings on shopping projects. 

According to the sources, Google employees have thoroughly tested the same-day delivery service. Sources also reveal that in order to spice up its services, Google Shopping Express will offer unlimited deliveries for an annual fee of just $69. This feature of Google’s is similar to Amazon’s Prime membership, except that Google’s fee is cheaper than Amazon’s. 

The service would also give a tough competition to eBay, which has recently expanded its own same-day-delivery service. It has even been speculated that even Amazon is preparing a huge expansion of same-day delivery service. Coming to the profits parts, compared to Amazon and eBay, Google has more subtle ways of earning profits. 

Both Amazon and eBay earn profits through transactions in which Amazon acts as retailer and eBay is chiefly the middleman. But, Google would earn profits by directing the commercial intents of its consumers to the advertisers. It will keep a track of all the clicks that are generated by it and will refine ads’ placements. 

As far as the success rate is considered, then speculations are that Google does have a strong chance as it is always perfect with its home works. It has already been experimenting with ways to track customers. Further, with its Wallet service process payments and through its extensive work on creation of Google Maps, it surely has few added advantages by its side. So, the same-say- delivery service of Google may give a good fight to Amazon and eBay.

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