Google Unveils Android M, Fingerprint, and Much More in I/O 2015

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Google Unveils Android M, Fingerprint, and Much More in I/O 2015

May 28th, 2015 was the date for Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco. Showing the guts and capability to take on Apple’s iOS, search engine giant Google has announced much-debated ‘M’ version of its Android OS. Android M is coming with more power and better performance, but most importantly, it focuses on online payment and security.

Google IO 2015

Google IO 2015

Apple Pay, you are not alone

Initiating stiff competition with Apple Pay, Google announced Android Pay yesterday. It will replace Google Wallet while enabling users to store major debit and credit cards on their handheld devices for payment in superstores that have compatible terminals. The good news is that Android Pay will also work on KitKat and Lollipop versions’ smartphones.

Google focuses on privacy protection

Finally, the search engine giant Google’s Android team has made up their mind for privacy protection of users. Along with fingerprint scanner (just like Apple again!), Android M is going to enable users to protect their privacy by offering better app permissions system. It offers greater control over permissions for third-party apps and users can now access apps with limited disclosure of their personal information.

What is in a name for ‘M’

Muffin or Marshmallow, no name is decided for Android M, but exciting and innovative features like better word selection, friend detection, “doze” (that uses motion detection and puts apps and other features in a sleep mode while you sleep to preserve battery), Google Now, Now on Tap, etc. have made it ready to compete with iOS platform. Of course, we need to wait until upcoming fall for this most polished Android release ever.

IoT, Wearable Devices, VR and Much More

Google did not forget the technology trends in this conference. Senior VP Sundar Pichai announced in between his keynote about Brillo, an Android-based OS for low-power and low processing IoT units. In other words, Brillo is going to be a platform for upcoming IoT concept-based gadgets. With this, he announced a few upgrades to Android smartwatch capabilities including “always-on” mode. We should also get ready for more innovative smartwatch apps for Android in near future.

To address revolutionary VR technology, Google has revealed a brand-new Google Cardboard design. The big news is that Google Cardboard SDK will now support iOS as well. Google has also introduced Jump, a 360-degree camera rig, and assembler, for boosting VR concept. That’s not all. Photos app is a way impressive. Apart from giving the facility of storing unlimited photos and videos in the app, Photos is going to address user’s basic difficulty while accessing stored photos.

Earlier, finding a predetermined photo was something sucks! Google has made it easier by Photos. It can classify photos on the basis of people, place, and theme basis and users can readily find the photo they

However, Google kept mum about Space X, Nexus and Project Arya. We can wait for them along with hope for the best Google Glass.

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