Google Wallet – Google's Innovational Digital Wallet Service!

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wallet Technology revolution is at its peak as each day new innovation comes in our way and astonishes us with unique concepts and services that provide immense ease and facility to the people. Google wallet is one such example of ingenuity which offers its services to people to pay their phone bills through tap and swipe of their phones. There are so many other players who also thought the same but Google became the first to launch this service.

There are several other companies including credit card giants like Visa and American Express and other wireless carriers who planned to launch such lucrative services with the same facility, but Google has already stolen the show and has provided this incredible facility thus creating a big-buzz. With this initiative Google has become the first company to take the digital wallet to the market.

MasterCard, Citibank and Sprint are the initial launch partners for this service whereas Sprint is the first official carrier partner since it is carrier offering with the Nexus S 4G. Google is also offering its Google prepaid MasterCard for those who may not have Citibank MasterCard. To use this card you need to preload money from other credit cards onto the Google prepaid card and then you will be able to make any purchase using your mobile phone.

What is Google Wallet & How it works:

The use of Google Wallet is easy and quite simple. There is a chip embedded in the phone that uses NFC technology which offers the facility to communicate with security or a secured communication at a very short distance. MasterCard has Pay Pass terminals at approximately 144,000 merchants throughout USA including the New York City Taxi Cabs and the Google Wallet would work on all of them. MasterCard has included a free application as part of the Google Wallet experience which helps customers or people to locate Pay Pass terminals.

So with this brilliant service Google has set yet another landmark. But the competition is also treading over and it will no longer be the only one to provide such facility as others would soon swoop down to take over the market.

But right now it’s Google who is in the limelight. Like Android, which is increasing it’s stake day by day and is getting more popular among the customers and people, this service is also expected to get better and popular with the passage of time.

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