Google’s New Wireless Welfare Project for Asia and Africa

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 12:13:09 PM , In Events Updates
Google’s New Wireless Welfare Project for Asia and Africa

Google’s New Wireless Welfare Project for Asia and Africa

Google has all plans set for connecting billion of Internet users with its new wireless network in Asia and Africa. The wireless network is supposed to be different as compared to Google’s existing high-speed Google Fiber Service. Google is deep into a multi-pronged effort to build and run this wireless network that will be differing to the existing fiber optic cable implementation.

Instead of fiber optics, the proposed network’s infrastructure is supposed to be a kind of broadcast service for billion of people in Asia and Africa. Google is eyeing this project with ‘high-altitude platforms’ for delivering wireless Internet access that will provide hundred miles coverage. Search engine giant has all planned set for including TV broadcast and satellite broadcast frequencies to this new ‘wireless-welfare project.’

The frequency allocation will differ depending on the region and its surroundings. Different region will acquire different method of Internet access delivery. However, how the company is going to undertake the terms with telecommunication partnerships and government is still not clear. It is obvious that Google need to inquire about the authorization for support from metropolises to see the project course.

Apart from serving people with wireless access, Google is more focused on new engineering tactics and cost-effective hardware for its Android Smartphones. According to the sources, wireless project is planned to create win-win situation for Google. Main objective here is, to provide low-cost or free Internet services to new markets that will make users utilize Google services and software. Hence, this will augment the online traffic and revenue for the company.

Must say, with more than 750 million Chrome users across the globe, Google is about to rule to the online market. As announced at this year’s I/O developer conference, company has more than 900 million Android devices across the globe, and with this wireless project, the number is going to multiply for the company’s revenue.

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