IndiaNIC Enters Teenage!

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IndiaNIC Enters Teenage!

In last 13 years, IndiaNIC has grown by leaps and bounds. It was yet another proud moment for the organization as it celebrated its 13th birthday. On this occasion, the company called for a memorable celebration. It was a gala event in the presence of hundreds of employees of the company.

From the desk of the CEO of the company, a mail read -“Whatever we are today is because of our efforts, and the best is yet to come.” His words enlightened the atmosphere. He not only briefed about the current position of the company but also about its future plans. He welcomed new employees and envisioned them about the experience they would have while working.

Many of the management members shared their success stories and experiences in IndiaNIC. It was a platform to thank and appreciate the efforts of its employees. In addition, employees’ birthdays in the month of January were celebrated on the floor as per company’s tradition. The cakes were given the shape of the company’s logo and number 13 to make event even special. The letter from the CEO and speeches from managers lit new hopes and encouraged every member to work towards achieving success in coming years. For IndiaNICians, It is a lifelong objective considering the fact that Success has no limits.

What did our employees’ say on 13th Birthday?

IndiaNIC has successfully completed 13 years of its techno-journey. With the trust and intelligibility rule, our company has succeeded in standing apart from its competitors. This journey has been a memorable one with tremendous achievements. Our CEO gave the credit of these achievements to the employees for their dedication towards hard work that made it possible to have huge investment projects for the progress of the organization.  Every employee on this occasion was filled with sensitive and joyous emotion. On this occasion, some of the senior employees shared their experience and words of thanks to IndiaNIC. Let’s check out how they expressed their love and gratitude towards the organization.

Employees’ Video Testimonial on 13th Birthday of IndiaNIC>>

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