IndiaNIC Leadership Team Contributes & Shines in Global Hackathon 2021

By Abhishek Amin Mar 5, 2021, 7:09:13 AM , In Events Updates
IndiaNIC Leadership Team Contributes & Shines in Global Hackathon 2021

IndiaNIC, an award-winning software development company since 1997, has proudly become the leading contributor for an international online IT event, Mined Hackathon. 

This two-day event was organized by two reputed educational institutions, Nirma University (Ahmedabad, India) and Binghamton University (State University, NY, USA). The purpose of this Online Hackathon 2021 was to provide a global platform for the world’s innovators, to code and showcase the game-changing innovations to solve the existing problems in the following tracks (domains):

  • Industrial Automation
  • AI & ML Solutions
  • Open Innovations
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Agriculture

The Aim of IndiaNIC

IndiaNIC has always welcomed new technology ideas while providing all the tools and resources in its arsenal to become a constant catalyst for architecting a culture of innovations. IndiaNIC is always open to partnering or contributing to the events like Mined Hackathon. 

Invaluable Contribution of IndiaNIC

The leadership team of IndiaNIC provided invaluable mentorship to all the candidates in defining their project ideas. The mentors helped the candidates with the overall viability of the project, expert technical consultation, and strategic business model for applicability. What’d be better for young and innovative minds to get mentorship from top-notch industry professionals carrying decades of experience?

Contributing to global events to mentor and help the tech innovators perfectly serves the aim of IndiaNIC. The management team specifically helped teams who were working on AI & ML solutions. Here is a brief about these innovative solutions.

AI & ML Projects Mentored by the Leaders of IndiaNIC

Project 1: BenchHunt


B2B marketplace web app to find, hire, and onboard talented resources.

Problem Definition

There are two ongoing scenarios with all-sized organizations in the world today. Organizations with employees with expertise and skill sets sitting ideally and waiting for a project to come. And on the other hand, there exist organizations with projects, but no resources with the required skill set, to avoid the liability of spending time and efforts to find and add the right sources to the existing talent pool. 

How does It help?

An on-demand resource platform like BenchHunt offers a WIN-WIN situation for both the companies facing the situations mentioned above. It is a web portal where companies can register to share the need of resources with the specific skill sets, experience, and technologies. They also can post the count of the free resources. AI & ML based match-making algorithm brings both the companies together to start bidding and engagement to kickstart the business.

Project 2: Foody


Online food ordering solution with smart cuisine recommendation.

Problem Definition

Even while exploring popular online food ordering apps like Swiggy, Zomato, etc. to try a cuisine never tried before, we tend to ask people in our network. But we never know what the huge volume of people outside our reach says. This is where an online food ordering app with smart recommendations like Foody helps.

How does it help?

Foody has the power of AI & ML to give users what they never would have imagined. Smart incremental search helps users to speed up the dish options they are looking for, once they type letters of the cuisine. Upon the selection, the smart recommendation engine shows users the best cuisine based on three parameters based on geographic location :

  • Max. count of items added to the cart.
  • Items added to the cart but not ordered.
  • Items with maximum likes.

Project 3: Cheque Scanner


Automated banking solution using computer vision.

Problem Definition

Human life is getting busiest every passing second and the need to go to the bank to deposit cheques is creating problems. Modern life requires a modern solution to this traditional banking process.

How does it help?

Cheque scanner is a mobile app that captures the cheque with all the information like IFSC Code, Cheque Number, A/C and Payee Details, date, etc. Bank employees see and verify the details. The cheque will be processed if details match, and declined if details do not match. This solution saves the time of the bank customers and enhances the banking experience.

Project 4: Contactless Attendance System


Automated workplace solution via facial recognition to check-in & check-out.

Problem Definition

Loads of organizations still having the biometric check-in/check-out systems in place. In the pandemic or post-pandemic era, where workplace hygiene could be the utmost priority, this existing attendance system needs to be replaced zero-contact solutions.

How does it help?

Contactless attendance system is an AI & ML based workplace solution that uses facial recognition technology. It is a system that identifies the faces of your employees for attendance marking. The facial image captured by the system verifies with the image data in the ERP in order to mark the attendance for that day.

Result of the Final Round

It was not a surprise to see 4 projects qualifying for the final eleven entries. Leaders of IndiaNIC were proud to see one of the mentored teams snatching the winner’s position and another team finishing 3rd. The credit goes to the candidates to showcase the passion, grit, desire, and enthusiasm to learn about the latest technologies like AI & ML. 

A big thank you to the leadership team on behalf of the whole IndiaNIC family, for engaging and showcasing tremendous efforts to mentor the young software engineers.

AI/ML & IndiaNIC – Your Search Ends Here.

If you are seeking to build a career as an AI & ML engineer and willing to learn from the best, IndiaNIC is just the perfect choice. Even if you are an enterprise and willing to adopt and implement AI & ML based solutions into your business ecosystem, IndiaNIC is the best AI & ML development company in India.

Hire expert AI-ML engineers from IndiaNIC who have proven expertise in AI and ML tools and technologies like TensorFlow, Apache SystemML, Caffe, Apache Mahout, OpenNN, Torch, Neuroph, Mycroft AI, etc. We infuse AI elements into existing business processes to boost productivity. Contact AI & ML experts now!

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