IndiaNIC Presents a Rewarding Referral Policy

By Abhishek Amin Nov 26, 2021, 2:18:49 PM , In Events Updates
IndiaNIC Presents a Rewarding Referral Policy

Hello peeps, hope you all are doing great!!

Please note that this article is exclusively for IndiaNIC Employees regarding the New Employee Referral Programme. 

Today, we have something amazing in our store to share with all of you.

IndiaNIC feels proud and happy to let you all know that our reputation and business are growing on the world stage continuously. And as you all could have noticed, we are keen to hire the new talent on board. Our keen efforts in recruiting the right talents have been happening for a while now.

Let us tell you the current state and what is the company’s mission over the upcoming months along with your role and the rewards you could get.

Understand What We Think of You & The Vision Behind this Referral Policy

IndiaNIC, as the symbol portrays, always focuses on keeping its employees at the center of everything. The management believes that YOU, the employees, are one of the cornerstones of the success the company has seen over the decades. As a result, mutual respect, dedication, integrity, and cohesiveness between us are deeply rooted in the culture of our organization.

“It gives us a great sense of pride that we are currently 600+ employees at IndiaNIC Infotech Limited. We are not stopping here though. The management team is looking at extending our workforce to 1000+ employees shortly- that’s the goal right now.”, says the respected CEO Mr. Sandeep Mundra.

We already have one of the best talents in their own fields of expertise at IndiaNIC, and hiring someone like you with the highest standards and qualifications will help us exceed the industry standards and push horizons on a global level. 

To achieve this, the special team working to achieve this milestone has contracted with various MNCs and we do believe that the recruitment of the right talents can ONLY be done with your support.

As a result, we’d like to enhance the mission and vision of our organization through ‘YOU’ and drive forward together, which is why we have come up with this policy. 

The Objective of The Referral Policy

The ultimate goal is to hire and add the best-qualified people in the IndiaNIC family through employees’ external referrals. We believe our best talents inside the organization can easily bring the best talents from outside, and they can be our employees’ acquaintances.

The employee referral program policy objectives are listed through the following questions.

1.Who can participate in the employee referral program? 
All employees of the IndiaNIC family are eligible to participate in the referral program.

2.Who can be referred to?
For the open positions in specific technology domains, any external candidate with experienced professional experience can be referred and applicable for referral rewards.

3.How much the referral bonus would be?
The referrals bonus is directly based on the years of experience the candidates hold. To get the exact idea, please refer to the referral bonus categorization done below:

  • For profiles up to 3 years of experience, a referral bonus of INR 15,000/-
  • For profiles of 3 to 5 years of experience, a referral bonus of INR 25,000/- 
  • For profiles of 5+ years of experience, a referral bonus of INR 50,000/-

4.Is there any reward for candidates looking to join IndiaNIC?
Of course, we have it in our locker. If the candidate joins within 15 days from the date of the offer, the candidate is eligible for getting one extra salary as a joining bonus. In that case, you (the referrer) will earn an additional INR 10,000/- or above as a referral bonus.

5.How is a referral bonus pay-out processed?
Bonus and rewards to referred candidates and employees will be paid out once the respective candidates complete 1 Year in the organization and all the above-mentioned eligibility points are met.

IMPORTANT: Details of The Upcoming Recruitment Drive

The next event to refer and earn is about to begin.

IndiaNIC is pleased to announce that we are launching a Recruitment Campaign at our Ahmedabad Headoffice:

Recruitment Drive Details:

Duration: From 29th Nov. 2021 till 4th Dec. 2021

Location Adress: B-201, DevArc, Nr. ISKCON Bridge, SG Road, Ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat, INDIA

Timings: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

We have Open Positions for the Following Technologies:

  • ReactJS 
  • React Native 
  • Java 
  • Laravel

Form for the Walk-in Drive Applicants: 

Please share the following link with your references (candidates) looking to participate in the above-mentioned walk-in drive to fill in asked details.


Employee Referral Form (Only for IndiaNIC Employees to claim rewards):

Please click the link below and fill in the required information to refer a candidate and stake your claim.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Keep your eyes on every recruitment drive happening within the office premises and online. You can also contact the HR department to know more about the upcoming recruitment drives.

You wouldn’t want to miss the amazing benefits that you all will surely want to encash. Every single year, the team analyzes the referral policy to bring the best to you. 

Trust us in this- a good employee referred today will also help your team in the longer run. We have made very remarkable progress this year. Our growth story is still continuing and we will work on keeping up with this growth pattern.

Keep your targets high. Please reach out to as many candidates as you can. We are really hoping for your support to succeed in this recruitment campaign.

Don’t Miss this opportunity, you have the chance to earn a HANDSOME BONUS.

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