IndiaNIC Shines at the 2014 eChai App Challenge

By admin Jan 7, 2014, 3:17:43 PM , In Events Updates
IndiaNIC Shines at the 2014 eChai App Challenge

Mobile app developers from IndiaNIC participated in the eChai App Challenge held at IIM (Indian Institute of Management). They staged a unique mobile app concept iFun that won 2nd prize for the Jury’s choice award. iFun app allows users to edit videos as per the desire. The app was tested for practicality, simplicity, creativeness and problem solving ability.

eChai App Challenge

The challenge for developers in this competition was to develop a complete application within 24 hours. The rules were clear, and there was no scope for mistakes. A proficient team from IndiaNIC comprising of experienced developers were able to build the application with all the requisite functionality that enabled them to achieve this milestone.

eChai App Challenge

iFun app allow users to –

  • Edit the videos with multiple editing options
  • Add subtitles on existing videos
  • Replace the audio at particular timeframe with user defined audios
  • Replace the thumbnail with user defined images

eChai App Challenge

This achievement is also important as industry veterans from various organizations participate in the competition. It’s a gathering of renowned developers, designers and technology leaders that share their ideas and experience with others looking to aspire career in IT industry. IndiaNIC’s iFun app success is another addition in the list of milestones achieved.

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