IndiaNIC Celebrated Festival of Colors

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 12:26:03 PM , In Events Updates
IndiaNIC Celebrated Festival of Colors

Holi – The festival of colors that strings hearts together with joy and love. Filled with enthusiasm, the vibe and the energy of the day could be felt in IndiaNIC right from the commencement of the day. As soon as everyone reached office, markers and sketch pens of blue, red, green and orange were set off to work. It was a mesmerizing site, and the day brought all the employees closer.

People from various departments marked each other with green (the color which symbolized ‘Let’s connect’); while colleagues cum friends were busy signing off each other’s shirts in red (the color for friendship). While the shirts of TLs and PMs got signed off in blue (it symbolized ‘respect’), some received words of appreciation in orange (color of appreciation) from their teammates. The day ended with the same vibrancy with which it started as everyone enjoyed the cake cutting ceremony and then, they played Holi and everyone was vividly and vibrantly colored.

Some of the glimpse of celebration of HOLI at IndiaNIC.

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