IndiaNIC’s Active Participation at Mega Mobile Events

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IndiaNIC’s Active Participation at Mega Mobile Events

Mobile technologies are on continual evolution. Since the very birth of mobile devices, the technologies have been getting better and better. Currently, the emerging trend of the mobile industry is enterprise mobility. This particular trend focuses on the transfer of organizations’ traditional business models to mobile-specific business models. But, carrying out this task requires vast experience with the right expertise.

IndiaNIC has always kept itself alert and has always been an early adopter of beneficial mobile technologies. Till date, it has incorporated all the efficient tools that served its clients with dynamic mobile apps. Being a leading web and mobile app development company, it has always kept its eyes open. As the industry is growing more mobile-oriented, the company has also become all eyes and ears on how the current trend of enterprise mobility is proceeding.

This alertness and awareness is not just an initiation of a month or two. Rather, the company has been keenly observing the changes from yesteryears. In 2012, it marked its presence in some mega mobile events through its active participation. Its experts have not only been taking notes of important changes, but some of them have even participated as active speakers in the events.

In the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2012, Mr. Jigar Panchal and Mr. Mihir Rawal participated in this grand mobile event which attracted thousands of attendees and included world’s leading mobile brands. In the same year, Mr. Surlak Patel, an expert with 11 yr of experience in IT industry, appeared as a dignitary in Mobile World India 2012, one of the prestigious SiliconIndia events.

Mr. Surlak Patel addressing techies at SiliconIndia

Mr. Surlak Patel addressing techies at SiliconIndia

Mr. Surlak Patel, who is currently working as a Head of Business & Technical Consulting (BTC) at IndiaNIC, was among one of the active speakers of the event along with several other industry pros like Mr. Narayan Subramaniam, Product Manager of Nokia, Mr. Sudeendra Koushik, Practice Director of Innovation at HCL Technologies and many more. Before taking the charge of Head of BTC, Mr. Patel lead a highly proficient Android & Java Enterprise team as Head of Android & Java Enterprise.

At Mobile World India 2012, Mr. Patel spoke on Android and cloud computing. IndiaNIC is proud to have such industry veterans by its side, who are helping the company to glorify and grow.



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