IndiaNIC’s Awards Ceremony – To Reward the Efforts of Our Employees

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IndiaNIC’s Awards Ceremony – To Reward the Efforts of Our Employees

A workplace is defined by its workforce, and for any company, its employees are its utmost strength. IndiaNIC feels pride in having employees who are devoted to their work, and to honor their hard work and recognize their excellence, we award them with certificates to let them know that their hard work is not going in vain, and they are company’s most valuable assets.

The certificates are awarded to the employees for timely project completion, extraordinary performance, client appreciation, value addition, etc. Each month, the various departments are scrutinized and the most eligible employees are selected. At the end of every month, a special Awards Ceremony is conducted in which the prestigious certificates are awarded to the employees.

The certificates awarded to our employees fall under the following categories:

Appreciation Category: The “Certificate of Appreciation” is given to those employees who have shown untiring efforts towards a project and have taken their projects more than just occupation. This certificate redefines the identity of the employees who receive it because it gives them a more profound identification as they now become primarily known for the appreciation they have received for their hard work.

Rewards Category: This one gives a public acknowledgment of excellence to our employees who have performed extraordinarily in their tasks and have utilized their skills in an optimum way to deliver nothing, but the best results for our clients.

The Family Appreciation: At last, but not the least comes the certificate for Family Appreciation. There are many employees who push their time limits to give their 100% to their task. In order to fulfill their professional responsibilities, they have to compromise with their personal life. Family certainly comes first, and for such hard work, employees do require relentless support from their family members. This certificate is not simply to honor the employees, but it is also to show our respect towards their families for their support and understanding.

It’s our motto to be a source of pride for our employees because our employees are our source of pride and strength too. The certificates not only show our concern towards them, but also motivate them to work with zeal.

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