Internet Videos to TV-Google unveils its new Chromecast dongle

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 11:38:06 AM , In Events Updates
Internet Videos to TV-Google unveils its new Chromecast dongle

Google has made headlines again, with their latest announcement of the Chromecast, a TV dongle which enables users to watch internet videos straight from your smartphone or laptop to your TV. Chromecast is based on a basic version of the Chrome operating system and integrates itself with multiple devices. After the dongle device is plugged into the HDMI port of a TV, the mobile device can auto detect apps like YouTube and various other apps.

Chromecast Dongle

Chromecast Dongle

The users can send videos straight to their TV using this new app. Besides this, they can even change the volume and create a playlist to for videos with the help of their mobile devices which get displayed on the TV.

Google will create support for the phone and tablet apps, themselves. The Android or iOS YouTube and Video apps will have a switch for Chromecast allows the user to watch a video, or listen to a song on the TV screen. On the various browsers like Windows, Mac, and Chrome, the switch will allow the user to copy what is on the PC’s Chrome Browser on the TV screen.

The affordability and the user friendly features are what consumers are looking forward to. The dongle will cost just $35 and also has a Netflix service for free, over a span of three months, benefitting the users even more.

There are various devices that will compete with Google’s brand new dongle. The features of those devices bring Internet connection and video to the TV, like the $99 Apple TV and the $50 Roku, which are more expensive, and in many cases, have more functionality.

The new Chromecast stick will not just be available on the Google Play Store, but Amazon and Best Buy will also sell the product in the US. Google also stated that it hoped the new technology will be built into upcoming TVs, set-top boxes, and other devices.

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