iPod Nano and EarPods: Apple's Awesome Twosome

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iPod Nano and EarPods: Apple's Awesome Twosome

iPod Nano and EarpodsWhen it comes to gadgets and technologies, Apple doesn’t like to be left behind. It doesn’t leave or forget to give a touch of perfection even to its mini devices, and the recent event in San Francisco, which took place on 12th September, 2012, proved this. And, the devices that showcased Apple’s attitude for perfection were iPod Nano and the all new EarPods. While the seventh generation of iPod Nano came with some impressive features in terms of both design and technology, the cool, new earphones, known as the EarPods, represented Apple’s efforts to bring out the best in every single thing.

So, we decided to give you a better look at Apple’s awesome twosome.

iPod Nano

Well, the very first thing that can grab your eyeballs for the seventh generation of iPod Nano has to be its design. With a thickness of only 5.4 mm, it’s 38% thinner than the previous one and enjoys a larger 2.5 inch display, which is twice its predecessor. However, a great feature of this portable media player is its user-configurable volume limit. The volume rocker that is placed on the side allows users to play, pause and scroll through the music.

Apple thought, now that it has given a larger display to Nano, and then why not incorporate the device with features that utilizes this.iPod Nano So, the new iPod Nano supports video playback at the rate of 30 fps. You can now watch all your favorite Hollywood blockbusters and free video podcasts on this device. Further adding to your joy is the FM radio that lets you enjoy your favorite tunes and at the same time keeps you updated on the top stories. The Radio in iPod Nano features a Live Pause so that listeners won’t miss out on a single thing. You can pause a show or a song with a tap, and then continue with it anytime. You can rewind back to 15 minutes, or you can even fast-forward to catch up with a live broadcast.

Hold on, there’s more. Your iPod Nano is now your fitness partner as it comes with a Fitness app that gives you musical motivation, as well as the required feedback for your workout. It comes along with a built-in pedometer and Nike+ support that removes the need to connect with a receiver or shoe-sensor. Use the built-in Bluetooth technology to connect with your heart-rate monitors and headphones, and track the parameters like distance, pace, time etc. of your workout.

Now, coming to the accessories, Apple’s seventh generation Nano comes with a reversible and more durable lightning connector. However, in order to sync the new with the old, Apple sells a 30-pin adapter separately for its users who own older versions of iPod Nano and needs to use the 30-pin dock connector. Coming to the wireless technology part, though this device doesn’t support Wi-Fi, it still has the Bluetooth 4.0 technology that enables you to wirelessly stream with headphones and speakers. In order to let its users enjoy non-stop music, iPod Nano comes with a non-replaceable lithium-ion battery, which, on a single charge, provides 30 hours of music and 3.5 hours of video playback.


Apple calls it the new shape of sound, and this fit-for-any-ear earphone is, indeed, what it is called. While designing these ultra-modern earphones, Apple paid attention to each and every single thing.

iPod Nano Earpods

EarPods were not designed like traditional earbuds, and they were designed keeping in mind the geometry of the ear. Before designing the actual and final product, more than 100 prototypes were tested on more than 600 people. After rigorous testing, designing and engineering, Apple came out with its breakthrough model for the most stylish, stable earbuds.

However, they aren’t just meant for better fit, but they’re also designed to give you the perfect sound. With good details and richer bass, Apple’s EarPods offer you the most impressive, pleasant and clean sound. They contain a built-in microphone that allows users to make calls, and they also come with an inline remote for volume and transport controls.

All in all, the EarPods are, indeed, as Apple states, something that you’ve never heard or seen before. These earphones are included in Apple’s all new iPhone and iPods, but they are also offered as separate accessories for $29.

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