La -Exploranza: An event of hidden talents at IndiaNIC

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 1:24:28 PM , In Events Updates
La -Exploranza: An event of hidden talents at IndiaNIC

La Exploranza

We always knew that there was a lot of talent in the IndiaNICians, and the HR Team organized the La Exploranza event to bring out the talent and showcase it to the world. While there was a lot of enthusiasm and excitement about the event right from the start, there was never much time to prepare. The participants had barely got two weeks to prepare of the event, and no one was expecting such fantastic performances.

However, things started to look up when all of us sat down in front of the stage. There was a positive vibe on the first floor. The people on the stage could feel the support and attention of the audience throughout the evening. The members of the audience were with the participants throughout the performance. We understood and laughed at every joke from the different plays, we enjoyed the mimicry artists, we enjoyed all the dances, and we sang along with all the songs!

It was such a great joy to be in that place with all our friends from departments cheering the performance of people we saw every day. Quiet girls whom we saw daily, and women who seemed too shy, turned out to be brilliant performers and dancers; strict TLs and PMs showed that they were awesome comedians or singers; and moody developers and designers turned out to be amazing directors and stage performers!

The event definitely lived up to its name, “La Exploranza.” We were able to explore the other side of all the people working in IndiaNIC. People who seemed serious and boring surprised us with their cool performances. We got a chance to mix with people from all departments, and we were united in cheering the powerful performance that sizzled the stage. We were one when we clapped, when we cheered, and when we whistled and clapped with joy and delight.

By putting up an incredible performance, we have given the lie to the annoying “IT people are boring” stereotype. La Exploranza gave us a chance to show that stuff that we are made of. It gave us a chance to see the other side our fellow team-mates the roaring success of this event has electrified the whole team and we hope to continue to surprise others and ourselves with more events like this one even on a bigger platform!

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