LG Unveils a Roll-up and Almost See-through Television Display Panel

By admin Jul 14, 2014, 5:20:37 PM , In Events Updates

After having developed the world’s first curved, flexible phone LG pushes its limits with OLED. It has already manufactured the biggest curved OLED TV but takes this achievement to a whole new level. The company unfurled the first flexible OLED TV screen that can be rolled up.

LG Roll-On TV

LG Roll-On TV

OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode displays don’t require a backlight like LED and Cathode Ray television displays, hence, making it possible to create very thin and flexible OLED displays. LG has tapped this technology allowing you to roll-up large television screens.

The new 18-inch flexible panel is made out of high-performance plastic called polyimide giving it both stability and flexibility. The display features a 1280 x 810 resolution, and the screen can be rolled up into a thin cylinder to form a diameter of around 6cm. The best part about the screen is that it can be rolled without loss of functionality. While the resolution falls in the high-definition range, the image display is not as sharp as the flat counterparts. On the other hand, the technology boasts richer colors for images.

Though digital roll-up newspapers have been a highlight with designers, just how feasible a TV screen rolled up in your bag would be is still not clear. The LG display is unique – it sports a full color panel and is transparent when not in use. The company employs a transparent pixel technology that delivers a 30 percent transmittance and expects to increase this to 40 percent.

Experts claim that the transparency feature of the screen would definitely catch on in digital signage applications. This technology is still in a nascent stage, and it is unclear as to exactly how the technology would benefit handsets or televisions.

Apple, Nokia and Samsung have also been working on flexible tablet and smartphone screens for a long time now. But LG is at the forefront of flexible displays, the cutting edge technology used to make this a success has given LG the opportunity to debut a flexible smartphone – the Gflex, as well as a very bendy 77-inch OLED TC earlier this year.

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