Making of the Spider Web (Phase 1 – Day 1)

By admin Feb 9, 2021, 9:28:50 AM , In Events Updates

Hello friends! I told you that I’ll bring you updates, and here I am, with my first lot of updates. As you people already know that our theme is creating the best out of the waste, so following this theme, we decided to make our first set of makeover, which was Spider Web. Yes! You read it right. Our first use of materials was to craft cobwebs, and the materials were, obviously, waste.

When the team decided to make cobwebs, then our reaction was ‘How Cool’, but the question was where to get the materials. As usual, we put our heads together and accumulated all the ideas. While we were busy in getting ideas, I was amazed at how many creative souls our department had. Coming back to the ideas, we got some really crazy ones. While some of them seemed to be feasible, some of them made people laugh out loud. But, eventually, we all formed one brilliant idea, and now that our idea-gathering session was over, we all set into action. I never thought of having Research even on topic like this. Anyway, Research & Development are two pillars of our department!

Well, we didn’t have to go head over heels to find the materials because the renovation work is going on at the first floor of our office, and we knew that we would surely find our raw waste materials there. So, we went to the first floor, and started our search operation, and sure enough we got all the needed things which were a large wooden board, nails, and threads. Lastly, we borrowed a hammer from the carpenters, and we were ready to make our big web.

Now, we had the next problem which was SPACE because designing such a big cobweb, indeed, required space. So, we decided to join the carpenters and become carpenters for a day. We cleaned the wooden board, drilled the nails in the appropriate places and started entangling the threads to tangle them into the big WEB. At the beginning, we did goof, but in the end, we came out triumphant, and there it was lying in front of us, our big cobweb. After we were done with the big one, we created some small ones too and those would be hanged over different places in the section.

Phew! That was some work. I wonder how much perspiration our next phase is going to take. Okay folks! That’s it for today, and while I’m working on my next update package, you guys check out the snaps of making of the spider webs.

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