Microsoft October Event- Surface and More to Watch

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Microsoft October Event- Surface and More to Watch

It’s Microsoft time! After two tech giants, Apple and Google have unveiled the smartphone duo iPhone 7 and Pixel respectively; the Redmond giant also wants to come up with the new hardware as an effort to push Windows 10 OS. Recently, the company has sent invites for October 26 event that is said to be focused on Windows 10 OS-related software along with integrated cloud-based services.

People are eager to see the product line surfaced by Microsoft in the upcoming New York event on October 26. Here are some expectations about the event:

All-in-one desktop PC

There is no Apple’s copyright on rumors and leaks! The upcoming Microsoft event is also not a leakproof one as the Surface-branded keyboards and a mouse are visible as leaks. The leak hints that the company is about to unveil an all-in- one desktop PC as an answer to the latest iMac. It can be named as either Surface All-In-One or Surface PC.

However, the authentic sources have denied any planning of refreshing both Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices for now as they are performing well on the sales front.

Future of Windows 10

Microsoft is going to roll out two major software updates in Windows 10 the next year, but the company wants to give a promotional push to the OS before integrating more features. The rumor is Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 a universal OS irrespective of devices in the future.

It is assumed that the upcoming event will highlight how Windows 10 will allow users to work on a number of devices including PCs, Windows 10-powered smartphones, and other Android and iOS devices using Microsoft software. The company is said to enable Microsoft account holders to use various devices seamlessly through a single Microsoft account.

In brief, Windows 10 is expected to come with the cloud integration for improving performance and widening scopes.

Xbox improvements

When it comes to contemporary gaming consoles, Xbox appears as a clear winner, and Microsoft has left no stone unturned to make this console a big hit. It is said that the company will come forward with some interesting announcements regarding Xbox in the October event. However, these announcements might appear insignificant in front of other big statements.

As a concluding remark, we can mention that Microsoft appears all set to jump on the hardware bandwagon along with Apple and Google to give people a special gift during the forthcoming festive season.

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