Microsoft Planning to Launch Rs.10,000 Tablets

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 9:40:14 AM , In Events Updates
Microsoft Planning to Launch Rs.10,000 Tablets

Microsoft continues to accelerate its marketing strategies. This time, the software giant is planning to roll out Rs. 10,000 tablets. This is a competitive move against other tablet manufacturers dominating this market segment. Earlier, it was reported that Microsoft will slash software licensing fee in an attempt to reach wider audiences in the smartphone market. Microsoft is planning to price the low-cost tablets at Rs. 10,000.

The Director of Windows business Amrish Goyal said, “We are working on minimizing the cost of hardware; at the same time, providing a good user experience.”

The company has a range of tablets, but all of them are meant for the premium market segment, which is dominated by Apple, and the budget segment of the market is ruled by Android tablets. This move will enable them to rival Android in the budget conscious market segment. Amrish Goyal said, “The Company will not enter the entry-level market by selling Rs. 5000 tablet, but customers can expect Rs. 10,000 tablet.”

This move from Microsoft is considered materializing after Gartner reported that 62 percent of the total tablets sold were low cost android tablets. The software giant will look to create or make a market of its own by challenging Android. It plans to cut the licensing fees for Windows 8.1 by 70 percent, which further fuels the idea of budget tablets. It may charge $15 instead of $50 for devices that cost less than $250. This is the same strategic turn that the company is trying to implement in the smartphone segment of the market.

Microsoft announced its plans to develop low-cost Windows phone. It is expected to flaunt $100 smartphone in the market. Analysts believe this as an important move that will help Microsoft to gain few customers, which otherwise look for Android tablets.

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