Missed Calls: FaceBook Wants You to Hang-up On Marketers

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Missed Calls: FaceBook Wants You to Hang-up On Marketers

True to its social nature Facebook cashes-in on ‘missed calls’ a common practice in India. Adapting to the different peculiarities in different parts of the world Facebook announces that it would enable its users in India to give missed calls to advertisers on Facebook. India being the second largest client base to Facebook, it is only natural for the social networking giant to employ business strategies that are familiar to the clientele.

The practice of giving missed calls is very common in India. The caller dials a number lets it ring just once and then hangs-up. It saves on expensive voice calls. Usually these missed calls are made to deliver a specific msg like “I’ve reached my destination” or “call me back.” Facebook hopes to bring this technique to businesses that rely on Facebook ads. Of the 100 million FB users in India, 84 million use the network on their mobile devices. And it’s this audience that the company intends to target. Users can give missed calls to the various advertisements on FB, and the advertiser would return your call to deliver anything from information you want, to pre-recorded messages or even register your number for discounts, offers, sales, etc.

Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, is currently touring India and meeting with partners to bolster its business here. “Our growth here is very, very strong. India is the company’s second largest market after the US and is of critical importance as Facebook banks on a growing mobile user base for its success. It has 100 million users in India with 84 million using the social networking service through their mobile devices.”

Facebook hopes to tap the potential of emerging markets in South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, etc. using the same technique. The best part about missed calls is that they can even be used by the vast majority of feature phone users in these countries. Feature phones ideally let you access the internet but lack other capabilities of high-end smartphones and touch screens.

The social networking Giant has already tested this feature through L’Oreal-owned products by the name Garnier and received an overwhelming response for the same. Though the feature is currently being rolled out for India, it would soon be extended to0 other countries as well. Besides the missed call, the social networking giant has optimized ads to work well on slower internet connections and provide better tools in individual countries to help marketers make the best use of social networking.

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