MoWeble –A Different Blog on Mobile and Web Technology

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MoWeble –A Different Blog on Mobile and Web Technology

Gone are the days when things with only quality material worked. Today, quality is just a supportive parameter and what works for sure is innovative and creative approach. MoWeble is a different blog on mobile and web technology that includes interesting and tingling posts about the IT industry. The posts on IT tech blog are written by experts from different technologies.

MoWeble -The Mobile and Web Technology Blog

MoWeble -The Mobile and Web Technology Blog

The concept of MoWeble

The concept of this IT tech blog is very clear –to provide the latest information in an entertaining way. Unlike other blogs on technology, this is different. The authors at MoWeble strictly believe that no sharing is sharing without a unique approach. It is for this reason, most of the posts are written in an offbeat way. The blog is updated, run and maintained by the groups from different technologies and each group consists of more than 10 authors.

MoWeble provides flexibility. This having said, the technology experts write anything on any technology without being concerned about their seniors’ instructions and project deadlines. As they say, they live their code-free lives on IT tech blog MoWeble. Every programmer has right to sit in front of computer and NOT coding. This is how MoWeble runs –experts writing there on their favorite topics without any tension!

What are the author groups on MoWeble?

The blog posts are written by experts from mobile and web technologies, and they are grouped accordingly. They are then given a unique name with funny description. For instance, the group that writes about Apple technology is called SteveAlive group; the group MatesOfGates is specialized in Microsoft Technology, and MenInBlack are the BlackBerry technology group and so on.

The group called Nuts is comprised of some of the most notorious fellows who keep on posting weird articles. They are wanted on MoWeble, and the IT tech blog webmaster keeps a constant watch on whatever they post.

The MoWeble categories

The categories or niches include everything in mobile and web technology. Nevertheless, the categories like Brain Drain, What’s Hot and Hotchpotch have a unique approach of blogging. While Brain Drain lists all the weird posts, What’s Hot is typically for news and happenings in technology and Hotchpotch is basically the category of miscellaneous posts.

MoWeble also has the category called Pabulum where innovative concepts, ideas and advanced thoughts in advertisements are shared through wallpapers and images.

The Coder’s Corner is the category for hardcore programmers and coders. They share and learn coding tips in various technologies such as Java, php, WordPress and so on.

Coup d’oeil is the unique category where the latest updates in mobile and web technologies are listed. The readers get an excerpt from the news and a link where the original article is posted. The concept of having this category is to provide mobile and web technology news bulletin at a glance, what they call coup d’oeil.

The Weekly Bite is a freebie posted every week by the experts in IT industry. This is in the PDF form and includes the topics that are very useful for the general readers.

It is not just an application or software where one can use his or her intellect. The experts can express it through blogs as well and therefore, it is said by the makers of technology blog MoWeble that for them, IT stands for Innovative Technology.

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